Friday, September 03, 2010


I'm having a pity party day again. I wrote like eight different posts for today and deleted them all because I sounded like a whiny bitch.

So I'll say one thing, and then I'm turning it over to you guys. I love Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. LOVE. You'd think a show about girls choosing a wedding dress would be boring, but it is not at all. I'm going to miss my daily fix when I go back to work next week. To be honest, though, I have an unnatural affinity for all wedding shows. Yes, me, girl who likes explosions and fist fights, I also LOVE wedding shows. I have layers. Girly, aggressive layers.

And that's my confession today. Now it's your turn. I've been growing over the past yearish, and some of you still lurk around and don't say hi. So say hi. Enough about me, let's talk about you. Who are you? What do you write? Do you love shows about weddings? Say hi. Even if you're like Oh, she doesn't mean me. Oh fuck yes I mean you. Say hi. It will make me feel like less of a vulnerable whiny bitch.


  1. I am obsesed with the Bad Girls Club (ugh). I write plays, poems, short stories. I just shot and produced my own short film this year.

    im sorry you're feeling low, though. I hope you feel better soon, Emily.


  2. I'm a lurker and felt compelled to say hi. Everyone needs a good whine now and then. I love your blog and the cat photos. I'm the ultimate girly girl but I hate wedding shows. Weird huh? I hope you don't get discouraged. You're on the right track and what's amazing to me is that that you manage to write so much while also juggling teaching and the navigating what seems to be a truly broken educational system. If you can survive that, Hollywood should be a breeze!

  3. Hi Ms. Blake,
    Long time reader, um, first time writer, I guess... Well, to be honest, it's more like thinking about writing: The process, the people, heck, the craft in general. To paint a better picture of myself, I graduated film school more than four years ago, excited to work with my fellow classmate and writing partner on a Sci-Fi pilot about a young pirate/astronaut that we both came up during a few late nights watching MST3K. Flash forward a few years and a falling out, and I got disillusioned by the whole thing. But I never stopped being a sponge. Subscribing to blogs, reading books, you name it, I've done it. And while I'm still trying to figure out what exactly am I going to be when I grow up, I'm having a good time learning along the way.

    My name is Arthur, I'm twenty-four, and when I'm not looking for work, read up on the latest news, watching TV, or doing a weekly podcast with my friends, I like to think about things. Like writing. Or saying hi to new acquaintance.

  4. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Hi there. I've commented before, but it's been a while, so I thought I'd better do what you said and say hello. I used to like wedding shows, but not so much anymore. I do however like angry-mean-chef shows, which I think is about on the same sort-of-embarrassing-but-still-entertaining level.

    Sorry you're going through a rough patch right now. Bureaucracy sucks. Hope you can rise above it and maybe even get some writing inspiration out of it.

  5. Hi Emily, hang in there.

    Peter here. Reading/writing for almost 2 years now. Which is interesting, because growing up you couldn't force me to read... and when it happened i became a narcoleptic-reader.

    Thanks for your inspiring story of finding representation. I'm planning on looking for some in a couple months! Figuring two good features, shorts, and a neverending list of ideas can maybe interest some with more clout than I.

    For me, Sci-fi action junkie. Weddings... ehhh.... I gotta say those things scare me (shivers). Getting hammered at friend's weddings, now that's 'my' show! hehe.

    Take Care. Great blog.

  6. Sally creeping down the alley4:35 PM

    I'm not lurking, I'm looking with the intent to gawk.

  7. Hi ... been writing for a long time, started with plays, moved onto screenplays, I love writing.

    Don't really like shows about weddings, but that's just me.

    I do love me some MMA, action flicks, that kind of thing ...

  8. Bob Dole12:47 AM

    Hi. I'm from TF and I had some horrible contemptuous Farky for you and I thought you were dumb and horrible but have been reading your blog for months now and I've decided you're actually smart and insightful and a pretty damn good writer.

    Don't tell anybody; I have jerk cred to uphold.

  9. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Hi. The best I can offer is I gave you the "Bird on the Wire" tip for comedy-on-the-run flicks.

    But we are out here reading...


  10. Anonymous11:12 AM

    While I don't always find your words all that valuable(sometimes do), you are one of the few remaining pulses on the all but dead scribosphere.

    I'm the longest of long shots. I try to write daily, in between bouts with my break back job(should have finished college). And I find peace in hearing the words of other future screenwriters(or misguided souls), because let's face it, the empty page can be a lonely place.

    A lonely place we all love.

    **that last line was pretty gay, will definitely edit in the rewrite.

    -- Eddie(former anonymous coward)

  11. Hi.

    Mission accomplished.

    Okay. I'll answer questions, too.

    I have nothing against wedding shows, but don't go out of way to watch. As near as I can tell about this year, 80% of what I'll be watching (new) will be "S" shows. (Incl: Supernatural, Stargate Universe, Smallville, Survivor, Sanctuary). Hm. I guess "Say Yes to the Dress" qualifies...

    I write for the screen - primarily movies but I wouldn't categorize myself as such strictly. In fact, the most recent thing I wrote was an interactive horror movie with 90+ scenes, 29 endings and hundreds of pathways. Then went and produced it. Results can be seen at or directly (I'm naturally biased but it's a lot of fun.)

    Am I done now?

  12. Hello!

    Dialy reader, monthly poster.

    I am doomed. I write big budget Sci-Fi. I can't help it. It's what I love. It's what I want to see in the theatre. I've come to terms with it. I love writing it. It is what it is.

    I watched Deadliest Catch until this season. I can't bring myself to watch Phil die. I am a puss. I admit it.

    Eureka and Warehouse 13 are currently favorite shows.

    Good luck, have fun and keep writing!


  13. Hi Emily!

    I am not a screenwriter, and don't ever plan to be -- but I'm fascinated by the process, and the industry, and your opinions on it and other things.

    I'm just a web designer who is also super geeky about a lot of things: comedy, music, television, politics, Star Trek, etc. I run an entertainment website (, so I get to experience a lot of the above things in the name of "work". I sometimes write about TV or music festivals or being on the Oscar Red Carpet, but try to leave the writing on my site to other people when I can.

    I also have started making comedy videos for the interwebs, which I guess could be considered "short films" in some context, so in a very very loose way, I'm a filmmaker. :P

    I only read a few people's blogs, and yours is one of them, so keep on keepin' on. And thanks!

  14. Hi, Emily,

    I've been reading here for probably about a year, commenting occasionally. I enjoy your insights and thoughts and can't wait to see your finished shorts!

    I live in Michigan right now, trying to break into the budding industry here where it's cheaper for a little while, writing when I have time, but last year I was a teacher's aide in a public school. So I definitely hear some of what you're saying on that topic!

    Excellent blog!


  15. Hey Emily,

    I'll throw it out there: Say Yes To The Dress is one of the greatest reality shows on television. I'm by no means a wedding-obsessed girly girl, but some of those dresses are just killer. The majority, however, are terrible. And I love it.

    I found your blog through the link on The Bitter Script Reader, and wanted to say it's nice to hear from a woman in the industry. I think we're in the same boat: recently repped, looking for that first sale, still have the day job but really hoping to be a writer with a capital W.

    Keep up the good work. Love your insights.

  16. Quick shoutout, you're in our hearts and minds, Emily, all good wishes for good outcome today, every toe and finger crossed.

    Two movies to distract from your woes (and may there be no woes today!), Kamikaze Girls (pretty dresses included (more rococo than bridal, but still fluffy)) and Attack the Gas Station, both a whole lot of fun if you can find them.

    Going to a wedding in Disney World in October, most excited about the fireworks, extra happy I don't have to dress as a duck or mouse.

    Project Runway our reality show of choice, and there should be a fresh new episode every single day (why isn't there?).

  17. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Emily, you got the best blog forum ever.

    all the Best

  18. Hi Emily,

    I'm the recent lurker-cum-commenter that checks out your blog when I should be working.

    I'm an executive admin by day, procrastinating screenwriter by night. I got knocked off my presumed course in life about a decade ago by health problems, developed anxiety because of said health probs, and am slowly working my way back. (I'm in awe of your ability to get things done.)

    I'm still searching for my voice through short and feature-length dramas, fantasy, action, and sci-fi. Current project is a short animated steam-punk fantasy without dialog.

    I watch Yes To The Dress once and a while. I'm addicted to most Bravo Ch. reality TV, though lately it's getting real old, real fast (I want my Fall TV!)

    BTW - I think we're about the same age, so it's nice to hear about someone the same age who's digging that trench into Hollywood.

  19. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hey Kim,

    I'm constantly amazed by how cool and educational, Emily's blog is.
    Good you found it.
    She is the coolest. We're enjoying her blog on campus.

    So entertaining and trustworthy in her opinion. In this crazy time of the internet there is so many blogs and forums out there and some just scare the hell out of me with all these haters and crazies on their mismanaged forums. Which will name nameless,lol, actually LOL.

    Bamboo Killers rocks. THE BEST so far in this script business.

    First Bamboo Killers,
    next Just Effing, both rock.


  20. Hi! Thanks for the responses. I like hearing all the different voices.

  21. Say Yes to the Dress is addictive, I agree.

    For me it's about the characters though, like their dysfunctional relationships with their mothers or personality traits like severe indecisiveness or abrasive entitlement. It's about people, more than dresses.

    Same reason some sci-fi or action movies are more interesting than others b/c they develop characters and relationships.

  22. Hi Emily. Came here via Bill Martell's blog, which I read daily. Perhaps henceforth I'll also jump here afterward. I've written novels and scripts based on the novels and had some interest but no purchases on either. Seem at present to be in a nowhere place, not writing anything, even notes... sob. Though I like some tv: warehouse 13, chuck, covert affairs, I never think of a script idea for any show I like.

  23. A very late hello there! I was on vacation and railed against doing anything related to the normal routine since that would mean I admitted to the vacation actually being over. On the plus side, I now have a dozen or so of your (and Bill's) entries to read.

    I lurk via Google Reader because if they're going to own our souls in the future, I may as well get in on the ground floor, y'know? I write (poorly, as I'm late to the journey) comedy scenes since I'm not confident I can string them together yet and not-quite-full-length supernatural flicks.

    I confess that twenty years later I still listen to and love the thrash metal of my glorious youth.

    /lurk mode activate


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