Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Paleyfest time

It's premiere party time at the Paley Center again. Last year I went to the NBC party, where I discovered Community, last season's best comedy - I don't care what the Emmys say.

This time got tickets for Thursday's event, also NBC, because I want to check out The Undercovers. The Event is also screening, and Outsourced and Chase. Naturally it looks like they're saving The Undercovers for last to make sure I stay until the end. Last year I bolted when the Mercy pilot finally bored me and my friend half to death, but this year I'm going to have to sit through everything, good or bad.

Then I'm hitting up Friday for CBS and Shit My Dad Says. There's some other stuff screening, but I'm just going for the Shatner. If you haven't read his autobiography, I encourage you to look into it. He's brutally honest and hilarious.

Anyway, the Paley premiere parties are very cool events, so if you can still get tickets I highly recommend it. And if you're headed out Thursday of Friday, keep a lookout and say hi.


  1. Uhm, there's no "the" in the title
    "Undercovers." The title is just "Undercovers."

  2. Congratulations on your keen critical eye.

  3. I think you meant to say "Community" was the best NEW comedy of last season.

    Because it would be madness to rank it ahead of "Sunny in Philadelphia" or "Curb your Enthusiasm".


  4. Sorry Matt, but I don't enjoy either of those shows.

  5. I didn't like Seinfeld either. Guess we just have different taste.

  6. As always, Emily, spot on with the naming of Community as the best comedy of last year. I don't get what people find so special about the Emmy winner. Tack on Levitan saying in his acceptance speech, "I want to thank this amazing cast who makes us forget how much we hate writing every day," and I completely understand why I am so underwhelmed with that show.

    You hate writing? I guess everyone hates their job. I would like to punch him in the face.

  7. Did he seriously say that? I didn't watch the Emmys this year. Good heaven that is crass.

    1:36 in. Blech

  9. Totally agree: Community is great and was neglected by the Emmys. When it comes to accolades, let's hope it doesn't go the way of Scrubs. The last season of that show was a sorry state of affairs, and I was sad to see one of my favs trashed and re-hashed.


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