Thursday, September 09, 2010

Outsourced and The Event

So, first of all, TV obsessed people, if you're going to a party with an open bar please do us all a favor and at the very least take three goddamn seconds to brush your hair.

Now with that out of the way, NBC night at the Paley Center opened with Outsourced.

I expected unfunny, possibly racist stereotyped silliness, and I got a genuinely funny, clever pilot. I liked it very much, to my great surprise.

Then we watched The Event. Eh. I was hoping for something there, but I felt like it was trying to be the next Lost instead of embracing what it was. I was frequently confused because we kept leaping back and forth in time for no real reason and with no real pattern. At one point we sat with President Blair Underwood in an office, then we flashed back directly to a scene with him in his office talking to one of the same people. How the hell am I supposed to keep that shit straight in an episode with eighty thousand other completely unnecessary flashbacks? They added very little to the story, and served mostly to confuse and annoy me. There was what could have been a cool Hitchcock moment where a character's life is thrown upside down, but just felt like a lot of similar scenes we've seen in the past. All that said, the mystery is just enough to get me to watch episode 2. I will watch, but if this shit doesn't clean up I'm out.

Then Chase came on, and even though we wanted to watch Undercovers, we didn't want to watch it enough to sit through another show about a female law enforcement officer with straight blond hair, especially since there was no Q&A.

And that was NBC.


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    HEY Emily,

    Do you know whats its like to work in the trenches as TV writer - full time for a TV studio? For example if you were a writer on the new tv show HAWAII FIVE O or THE OFFICE, would this be a cake walk?

    I want a job like that - work full time on as staff-writer for a semi hot TV series and make money for 5+ years - then -> buy a condo or big house, get married to a beautiful nice wife, have dogs, have genius sons and daughters, send them to college with the money I made from writing for a TV series.

    I think I can do it.

    Do you know anyone that got a dream job writing for TV series?

    For all these TV shows on TV, some of these guys/dolls are making lots of money.

  2. First off, I am not sure if I noticed you there at Paley - boots, on the balcony with a girlfriend?

    Second, I had just the opposite reaction to Outsourced. Ugh. I could see the jokes 10 seconds out. And newsflash - black people live in Detroit.

    As for The Event. Yes, the time jumps are an issue. I do hope that the new post-pilot episodes will have more . . . continuity.

  3. No, no boots. I was on the balcony for a time, but I was wearing glasses last night so I looked a little different from my picture.

    Were you in the auditorium? Was the auditorium laughing at Outsourced? Because in the tiny room I was in there was pretty steady laughter, ESPECIALLY at the black people in Detroit joke.


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