Monday, February 25, 2008

Evil panda!

I have a website for my production company so this blog will be moving soon. There's nothing on the website right now except the logo so I won't direct you there until there's something substantial to look at.

But here is my logo, designed by a student of mine named Ricardo. I changed it because my designer added color:

*This is my corporate logo. You may not use it for your own purposes.


  1. I think I just got nightmares for life.

  2. I take it you'll be specializing in comedies?

  3. Sorry, Just Me. It had to be done.

    Good one there, Cathy.

    I love him so much. He's an action panda. He will beat ass with his kung fu panda skills.

  4. You may be setting yourself for problems (copywrite-wise) with the upcoming film, "KUNG FU PANDA".

    I hope not.

  5. No I have no intention to make a movie about my panda. He's just my ass busting two dimentional representative.

  6. Anonymous9:06 PM

    HE'S your representative??

  7. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Your panda has a protege already ...

  8. Okay, unsolicited input you are certainly free to ignore...

    To me, the bamboo part of your logo might be rethought. I think you want it all clear upon first glance, and it doesn't jump out at you that he's biting a piece of bamboo.

    Okay, one more thing. Are there too many texture lines in the white of the panda? Does it make it too busy?

    Again, sorry -- you didn't ask for input -- but I love the name and though you might like some feedback.

  9. I just replaced the original with the version that has color because I also thought the bamboo wasn't clear enough.

    Is there too much texture? No.

    I'm completely happy with it.

  10. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I didn't know that was bamboo. I thought it was some kind of torn-up condom or something.

    Yeah, you can see where my brain is.


  11. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Bamboo ain't green. :P
    Well, only the freaky-deaky kinds are, but bamboo is generally percieved as the normal wooden color.
    Cool pioc, though. :)

  12. Actually bamboo is green when it's still in the ground. I'm thinking a panda is not going to be eating bamboo from a building.

  13. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Why wouldn't he be eating bamboo from a building?
    Isn't he an EVIL panda? Urban destruction should be one of his favourite things to do, Emily.

  14. Urban Destruction Panda!

    I like it.

  15. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Had no idea that was bamboo either, btw, but I like the actual panda.

  16. Anonymous11:45 AM

    You like the idea, eh? Well, you can't use it!

    Hmm, a panda hellbent on destroying wildlife and a panda hellbent on destroying humanity... sounds like a good idea for a movie. Maybe they can team up and destroy both
    wildlife AND humanity!
    We can call it "Evil Pandas: Holy Shit, there's Two of 'Em!"

    We'll split to profits 80/20.

    In my favour.


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