Friday, February 29, 2008


Today is the last day of the semester and I have eight hundred bazillion thousand million and seven things to do today, but I have to post something or you fickle bastards will forget I exist.

So since I have built up some excitement about zombies I will share a bit from the old zombie script. I plan to work the second draft this weekend when the chaos has subsided.

So here's a scene from the third act.


Zeke closes his eyes and readies himself to pull the trigger.

Olivia's eyes flash open and she knocks her head against the gun, knocking it out of Zeke's hand onto the floor. She kicks at Zeke, who slips and falls, unable to catch himself fast enough with his one good hand.

Olivia pulls against her restraints, moaning.

She slips out of them and rolls onto the floor between him and the gun.

Zeke backs up. She lies on the floor, crawling toward him.

He tries to reach up for the knife on the table but she catches him by the leg with her zombie grip. He struggles to get away but he can't. He grabs the edge of the knife but it falls off the table onto the floor just out of reach.

Olivia, let me go!

Just as he grabs the knife she takes a bite out of his ankle. He shouts and pulls free, holding the knife up at her.

She lets him go and looks at the door.

She stands and walks out of the room.

Zeke slides back against the wall, staring at his bleeding foot. He stares at the knife.

And he puts it down.

Blessed are the dead.


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