Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love Journals

I keep a journal. Do you keep a journal? I'm not talking about a blog. I'm talking about a little book I update once a week or so with thoughts about boys and stuff. Mostly boys.

In class I sometimes make my kids write journals. Through these pages I learn a lot about the way teenagers think about relationships.

This is a typical girl's journal:

Day one: In ten years I will be married to Anthony and we will have three kids. I'll be a lawyer and I'll live in Beverly Hills and drive a BMW....

Day two: My biggest pet peeve is my ex-boyfriend Anthony. I dumped him yesterday but he keeps calling me...

Day three: My favorite thing in the world right now is my boyfriend Eric. Eric is the best guy ever...

Day four: If I had a million dollars, I'd buy a car.

And this is a typical boy's journal:

Day one: In ten years I'll be traveling around the country banging a different girl every night...

Day two: My biggest pet peeve is girls. They're so stupid...

Day three: My favorite thing in the world is my new girlfriend Sylvia. She's so beautiful. I want to marry her and make a million babies with her.

Day four: Sylvia is the most amazing person ever. If I had a million dollars I would buy her a house and a car. And I would arrest her ex-boyfriend because he keeps coming around. He says she slept with the whole football team but that sounds stupid because she is amazing and she tells me how to be a better person so I love her. If it weren't for her I'd still be hanging out with my bad friends...

So in case you ever want to write about teenage relationships, keep that in mind.


  1. would they really write "banging a different girl every night" in a school assignment?

  2. Oh some of them write way worse than that. That was the clean version.

  3. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Bright bunch. At least they make things interesting.

  4. That is really so weird...so weird.
    It's as if you're psyhic.(ha ha ...as if)

    I'm working a scene: There's my hero...and a teenage girl. I needed the scene to be good...and real!

    This is perfect. I'm going to have him *school* her about boys.




  5. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Sylvia only did the football team ONCE.

    No big deal...


  6. Anonymous8:46 PM

    "If I had a million dollars, I'd be the best pimp in town."

    I know somebody in your class had to write that one.

  7. No, these are all my own words, but they're the kind of things my kids would say.

    I have seen things like "I'd fuck a lot of bitches" before. Seriously.


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