Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

I saw The Dark Knight of course. And it was good of course. I did not see Mamma Mia.

Friday night I went to a gay and lesbian film festival and watched a documentary about Jack Wrangler, a gay porn star from the seventies. It was interesting. It was prefaced by a short film made by some gay dude who killed himself a while back, and the short was designed to showcase his boyfriend's acting abilities. I'm not sure if anybody got it because it didn't really make a lot of sense, but it had a lot of shots of seagulls in it so that was cool.

I might like David Lynch more if he used more seagulls.

Also, going to see a movie at a gay and lesbian festival means there's never a line in the women's bathroom. In fact there's never really any women in the women's bathroom. The men's room is a different issue.

I watched Be Kind, Rewind. It was okay. It was a bit silly, but a fun movie all in all.

People who I am supposed to read your material and give you notes: I swear I'm on it. I got kind of distracted this weekend by a big dude with muscles.

I've seen the first third of Game Night and it made me laugh my ass off. What made it so funny was how seriously Lead Actor took that shit. On set he had to lock himself in the bathroom, snort a couple of bumps of Ibuprofen and then act s though he'd just done some good coke. There's like 15 minutes of material and he gave it his all - absolutely serious. And everybody on set silently watched, mesmerized and somber and moved.

Except when editor did a bunch of quick cuts and added some spunky music all that seriousness became a fucking riot of hilarity. And now I realize what is going to end up being the best thing about this film - ALL my actors played it straight. Well, sometimes the Tardnut who used to be Writing Partner got a little goofy, but mostly everybody was deadly serious about playing Taboo with a coked-out whackjob. So I am excited.

Now it's Sunday night and I'm doing laundry. And here's a message to people who live in a building with 30 apartments and three washing machines: If you decide to do your laundry on Sunday night, please do not take up all three machines and then forget to come and get your clothes for half an hour. That's how people get beaten to death with bottles of detergent.

And that's how I spent my weekend.

There was also some karaoke.


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I love your blog - it's witty and insightful about screenplays, movies and life - but I have to quit reading it because I can't stand the cat pictures that go with every entry. I'm sorry. I know it's irrational. I just can't deal with the cats.

  2. If you subscribe to the feed you still get all that witty repartee but you don't have to look at the cats.

    Because I'm glad you like my blog, but I'm not getting rid of them.


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