Monday, July 21, 2008

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Whenever you start a new relationship one of the first things you have to do is the old film exchange. I always bust out Firefly and Buffy episodes and yell "Ooooh! This one! You have to watch this one!"

The kind of guys I date have always already seen my favorite movies so it's the TV I have to show them. The kind of guys I date don't generally watch TV but when I show them what I love they usually get into Firefly pretty quickly. Buffy is a harder sell.

For me, it's always some action movie. Ex-Boyfriend made me watch Con Air an absurd amount of times, and I'm still convinced it was my refusal to stop making fun of Nick Cage's mullet that got me dumped.

So this time it's gonna be Conan, The Way of the Gun and The Wild Bunch. Two of them are sitting on my table right now on loan and the other is in my Netflix queue. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to end up watching a lot of Robocop. Fortunately I like Robocop a lot more than I like Con Air.

Back in high school it was music. I knew about emo long before Dashboard Confessional came on the scene because one of my exes was a major Promise Ring fan. I remember the day he introduced me to Sunny Day Real Estate. I also remember the day another ex played me my first Sublime song and how happy it made me feel.

I still learn new music, but most of the guys I date don't listen to all that new gay shit. They listen to classic rock because they're men, goddammit.

It's one of my favorite parts of starting a new relationship - that moment where the other person gets all excited because they want to show their favorite films with you so you can share their love.

So they introduce me to the films they love, manly films with manly protagonists and lots of guns and muscles and explosions. Which suits me just fine.


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    You only watched Con Air with me once. And it's OK, you can admit that you loved every second of it...


  2. Shhhh! You're fucking with my image over here!

  3. Trust me, 'Big Trouble In Little China' is coming real soon!

  4. I've been dumped. But who cares.
    I don't want to see DARK KNIGHT. And I'm not gonna.
    So shoot me!

  5. So the DVD sharing selection as revelation of manliness...



    I hauled out Slings and Arrows, The Thomas Crown Affair (remake), Veronica Mars and Batman Begins.

    Crack that vial.

  6. Yeah but you're not my type because you can't throw evil villains through a wall.

    You're more of a brainy type who schemes and plots.


    And I agree with Chunk, Big Trouble in Little China is coming soon, but who's gonna be the one the pop it in first?

  8. It's funny how a relationship can be built over the love of films. My boyfriend and I see everything to together but he thinks literally every television show is shite...yes, he's British and yes, he's totally wrong but we've learned to live with both of those things.

  9. I'm with Hollie. Love my fiancee, but we hardly ever see eye-to-eye on movies. Hardly ever. In fact seeing movies usually ends up being her-turn/my-turn deal with picking what we watch. And we're only slightly more on par with TV.

    Opposites attact?


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