Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween meme

Hugo memed me. And when I get memed I must comply.

List your top 10 selections and reasons for the selections.

10) Halloween
I like all the dramatic irony.

9) Poltergeist
This movies scares the holy fucking hell out of me

8) Fido
Funny zombies

7) Army of Darkness
Bruce Campbell

5) Dawn of the Dead - original
Shopping mall zombies. And bikers.

5) White Zombie
The original zombies who don't eat brains, they just wander around helpless under the control of an evil asshat. This film surprised me in how damn good it was.

4) Dawn of the Dead - the remake
I was so sad when that gun store dude got it, although I could have done without the chain sawing in the bus.

3) 28 Days Later
Fast zombies

2) Nightmare Before Christmas
They call him Sandy Claws.

1) Shaun of the Dead
Awesome zombies

I tag Mr. Peel because Mr. Peel will have interesting answers.

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