Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The slow demise of a writer's group

Tonight the writer's group is coming over to my house because I was supposed to have a draft ready for Fear of Clowns.

Actually, I didn't get the script ready. I wrote a first draft but don't feel like it's ready to show anybody. And actually the meeting was supposed to be last week but I didn't know that so on Monday when everybody was all like "So how do we get to your house?" I was all like "Whaaaa?"

So we rescheduled to tonight. Except that only two people can make it. Last month we didn't even have a meeting.

But I got snacks anyway and I read tonight's script because even if the group is slowly disintegrating I'm still glad to have people to bounce ideas off of. I can get plenty of people to read my script and advise me, but having a steady group of people who know you and will listen to your stories when they're still in the idea stage is a very good thing.

Plus this has reminded me to get off my ass and finish my next draft of the script so I can show it somebody.

Right after I clean my apartment.


  1. yeah, i hate it when that happens. a few good writers groups i've joined have slowly disintegrated over time..


    i'm about to work on my 5th screenplay

  2. Sometimes those groups can be cyclical - few joiners one month, too many on another. Like you said, eve a few good people for idea bouncing works well enough.

  3. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Just when I've decided I want to be part of a writer's group, yours is falling apart (maybe)...ummmm, got room for another writer?

  4. Hey, Get off your ass and finish your next draft of the script so you can show it somebody.

    (Just a friendly reminder from someone stuck on novel page 348 for the past 10 months!)

  5. hey: when ya gonna invite me?



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