Saturday, October 18, 2008

Introducing Vampire Thingee

One night in Puerto Rico Best Friend and I watched Paris, Je T'aime. I had rented it from Blockbuster once and then never watched it, and one night I got a letter congratulating me on accidentally purchasing it. I'd still never watched it months later so I brought it to watch on the plane. I watched Predator on the way out, but it turned out we had a DVD player in the room.

So anyway, it was awesome and if I hadn't already bought it I probably would have gone out and grabbed it up at Best Buy. If you haven't seen it, it's a series of short films about Paris and love.

One of the shorts, which stars Elijah Wood, is about vampires. Somehow that short and the circumstances of my vacation bled together (Lookit! A pun!) to make me a really cool dream that night.

I had this interesting vampire dream that was so moving I actually woke up crying. I told Best Friend the story of my dream and she said "Aw, that's so sad!"

I knew I had to write it. The dream was a perfect story - perfectly me and perfectly bittersweet. So even though everybody and their mom has a vampire story I'm going to write it. It will go well with my zombie story. Why would I want to be different from everybody and their mom?

The thing is I'm not entirely sure what it's going to be. There's too much of a comedic element to be a serious drama and it's definitely not a horror. It's not an action story either. If anything it's more of a comedy but I don't want to cheapen the story by making it one of those silly monster comedies.

On top of that I'm not sure there's enough story here for a feature, but there's almost too much story for a short. In the end it's probably going to be a dark comedy short (as if I wrote any other kind of short) that will come to about 20 minutes or more.

Yeah there's not much of a market for that in our world.

I don't care. This story was the most adorable and sweet thing I've ever thought up and I have to write it. For me and my subconscious.

For now I'm just calling it "Vampire Thingee" and I'm enjoying myself. And it's giving me a buffer of time between drafts of my current feature project so that when I get back to my gang kid story I'll have abandoned it long enough to get some good perspective.

So now I've gone from zombies to vampires. I'm so versatile.


  1. yeah go write it!!!

    maybe it won't be produced or made, but you'll have at least written it anyway. however, you never know.

  2. That's okay. My current vampire movie is called "Emotional Vampire" for lack of a better title at the moment. I'm hoping once I get a readable draft done my friends will help me come up with a better title.

  3. Just make it better than 'True Blood.'

    Sheesh. Talk banging people over the head with the obvious stick.


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