Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Testing, testing....

This is a test. I finally got around to adding HTML for scrippets so let's see if this works.

This is a scene from Guthrie, the short film I will be shooting in a couple of weeks.


Guthrie, wrapped in his comforter, sits over a fondue pot filled with oil. Next to him sits an open can of sardines.

He has the sardines pushed up on the fondue fork and he's cooking them in the pot.

He pulls out his fork and blows on the sardine on the end.

He puts it in his mouth and struggles to swallow it, his tongue wrestling with the hot, oily sardine as it burns.


He runs to a pot of snow on the counter and shoves some in his mouth.


Guthrie stares at himself in the mirror.

Aliens. Could be aliens.

He stares at his reflection.

I was sleeping. Maybe they didn't know I was here.

He stares.

But why didn't I hear them? Was I sleeping that hard?

He looks at the wine bottles by the trash can.

He looks back at himself.

Huh. That's possible.

He slaps himself.


He looks around and grabs a big knife out of his kitchen.

He slides the blade over his arm but doesn't even break his skin before he jerks his arm away and drops the knife.

Okay. Not in a coma.


  1. okay, I tried it and it kinda gets confused between dialog and action. Go see it, willya?

    I'm trying to cut and paste from Movie Magic Screenwriter. What am I doing wrong?

  2. yep, it works.

    i'm so freakin obsessed with SCrippet now. *swoon*

  3. after reading that scene, now i'm curious. Aliens, you say? I've got a huge obsession for UFOs and Aliens (and no, I'm NOT a Scientologist or some wacko). I've started collecting alien porn pictures-- they crack me up so much.

  4. Looks good, Emily. I'm looking forward to seeing the short when it's done!

    My one and only one problem with Scrippets...they don't work in my feed reader. Though maybe if I made sure the scrippet CSS defs were included in the feed...


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