Monday, August 30, 2010

Hold me closer, Tony Danza

A&E recently started airing promos for a new show called Teach: Tony Danza. Tony Danza taught for a year in the Philadelphia public school system.

This I have to see. I have often wondered why Reality TV had not yet infiltrated the classroom, and thank goodness A&E has fixed that problem. Now the whole country can see what hand-picked kids are like when edited, in front of a camera crew and taught by a former sitcom star/talk show host. It's about time.


  1. what? you think it's not going to reflect the authentic experience of a typical urban American classroom?

  2. Oh heavens no! It's not a role, after all. It's REALITY. So of course it's authentic.

  3. Sally creeping down the alley11:33 AM

    The Danza show is sorta like a Charter school: Handpicked students who could teach themselves and administrators rave about their education stats. Give me a classroom or a school full of self-motivating A+ students and I could be teacher of the year, too (and I don't even teach).

    Real teaching is motivating those students who can't see the benefit of sitting in a classroom by a jaded teacher who is underpaid and trying to do the best job they can using outdated textbooks and lacking other teaching supplies, who is unappreciated by parents and administrators alike in a school that resembles a one-time prison in a city and state which underfunds education.

    That's reality.

  4. My friend teaches in inner city Philly...judging by her stories, and that video, it's clear to me that they sent all the pregnant, loud, obnoxious, dangerous and non-English speaking kids to another class.

  5. sitcom star/talk show host/boxer

  6. Yeah, Just Me. Sounds about right.

    And Oh lord, Harry, I didn't know he boxed. He clearly has some career focus issues.


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