Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thanks Mom

After I read the script for My Mother's Curse I immediately sent it to my mother. She thought it was terrific and immediately got why I wanted her to read it. It's one of my favorite scripts of the year and I took a few notes from it because Salvage is about a mother/daughter relationship. One of the things My Mother's Curse does so well is pick up on the things all mothers do that drive us crazy; my favorite scene is when the protagonist's mother tells him over and over that he should put on his windshield wipers and he keeps telling her it won't work, then finally he does it and she's right.

That is the worst, when your naggy mom is completely right. Everybody can relate to that - I don't care who you are.

So as soon as I put that script down I started thinking about things my mom does that are so very MOMlike, and I started working them into the script. I found myself writing conversations we've had in the past and smiling. Yes, Mom, I am aware that I'm going five miles over the speed limit. No we will not crash and die.

After I finished Salvage I sent it to the Manager, then I sent it to my mom.

Now my mom is different from other moms in that she does not think everything I touch turns to gold. She thinks I'm awesome, but she also thinks my last screenplay had too much sex in it, and she never read my zombie script at all because she just doesn't see the appeal. Explosions really do it for me, but Mom thinks they're unnecessarily destructive.

A compliment in this house must be earned, and that's how you know it means something.

Which is why, when my mom said my comedy is good and that I wrote a cute story, I beamed. Yay! My mom thinks I'm funny.


  1. Totally agree. "My Mother's Curse" was fantastic.

    The "Mom" details were great. I think I especially related to the huge, absurd, heaping plate of chicken she makes just for him.

    My mom has no problem telling me if she thinks I've put on a few pounds, but will still force feed me brownies and spaghetti every time I see her.

  2. Compliments from mom are always nice. Especially specific ones like the ones you got. I find my mom has the trick of giving me very vague and non-specifc compliments whenever she isn't crazy about something.


  3. When my mom says she laughed out loud, I feel good. Because that woman doesn't laugh at much.

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hi Miss Emily Blake,

    Since you are talking about Moms.

    Just wondering, on a cinematic level should a female character date guy with these traits:
    And is this the Monthers fault why he is screwed up.

    1. leaves in his monthers basement
    2. divorced
    3. read comics
    4. over 30 years old
    5. does not drive
    6. live with only 400 dollars per month
    7. his parents are super rich but money tied up in real estate
    8. spends to much time on the computer and reads comics
    9. father died in a car accident
    10. writes heists screenplays
    11. bloggin and chatting in forums 24 hours
    12. meat and potato guy, no vegies
    13. likes pitbulls and huskies


  5. I'm pretty sure that only really insecure, lonely girls would date that guy.

  6. i finally read this script yesterday. it's great!


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