Monday, August 09, 2010

One day rewrite

Well it took me five hours, but I did a complete rewrite of my script in one day. I decided this morning that I was going to do the whole revision in one day, come hell or high water.

Fortunately as I get better as a writer, I have to change fewer major plot elements and more general character bits. I had to make one major change, but most of the work was dialogue that sounded the same or unrealistic and whatnot.

So it wasn't the most difficult rewrite I ever had to do, but still. Five hours straight of writing is exhausting. I feel like I should have vacuumed or made dinner or something, because saying you sat in front of a computer all day and didn't leave your office sounds like the laziest thing in the world, but I am tired.

But dammit I got it done.


  1. Yay! Well done Emily!

    Treat yourself to an overdose of Luc Besson to celebrate!


    No rush - I'm fine for another two weeks.

  2. The biggest marathon writing session I have ever done was 12+ hours. I wrote through the night, and did something like 30 pages.

    It was exhausting on a level I had never felt before, and am hesitant to say I've felt since.

  3. Well done. I can re-write in one sitting if I have to. You did great. Hope it brings you every success.

    Dawn Chapman

  4. Twelve hours. Oof. That's impressive.

    Thanks, Dawn.

    And Karel, I know, I know.... It turned out to be way more work than I thought. But my stupid class is over so I just got a bunch more time in my day. I'm on it, I swear.


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