Monday, July 02, 2007

By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings

First of all, Maggie is awesome. She brought Pink Bag back to life. Pink Bag cost me six dollars in Rome and has fallen on hard times, but last night during our Galaxy Quest - pizza - margaritas - Farscape event she busted out the sewing machine and patched my favorite purse right up.

I do not sew, not even buttons. The fact that anyone can take a piece of thread and some cloth and make a wearable item from it completely fascinates me.

Watching Galaxy Quest - on VHS, no less - reminded me of how awesome that film is. Maggie IMDB'ed it (IMDBeed? IMDB'd?) and we looked at the writers and thought it was odd that they didn't have more credits.

We realized as we were watching the film that the main reason it works is because everybody's personal arc follows the main arc of the story. Galaxy Quest is primarily about people on the verge of giving up on themselves learning to believe they can accomplish great things. The crew members must embrace their assigned roles and believe that they can do more than just act like heroes, but actually become heroes or the whole ship will be destroyed. Even Guy must believe he is more than just an expendable redshirt. The Thermians must believe they can operate their own machinery. Even the nerd squad is energized to believe they can save the crew with their vast amount of previously unnecessary knowledge.

Not only do all the characters have a clearly defined arc, but it's the same arc. Learning to trust yourself, learning to trust your crew.

And as an added bonus, some awesome quotes. My personal favorite: "Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy."


  1. Looks like you're on a Justin Long kick. I suppose next up is Jeepers Creepers followed by a healthy dose of the Mac vs. PC ads.

    but seriously, Galaxy Quest might actually be my favorite movie. It would definitely be in my top 10 trapped-on-a-desert-island-with-electricity-tv-and-dvd-player list.

  2. I kind of know Bob Gordon, who rewrote the script. When the film came out, he showed up at a mutual friend's house with a tape of all the out takes - hours of them!

    Every once in a while I see him in my local Starbucks, and we'll talk for a minute or two.

    Bob is always working, but you know how impossible it is to get anything made in this town.

    - Bill

  3. I absolutely love Galaxy Quest.

    Not only is it a great movie, but it has Sigourney Weaver as a bleached blond - accenting her fabulous hooters.

    Two thumbs up.

    Only they're not thumbs.

  4. That was a really good movie, cleavage and all. I mean the teleporter was worth the admission price.

  5. I was just reading the GQ script yesterday. I'm gonna study it more closely in the near future.

    Justin Long is so cute when his voice cracks in one of the scenes.

    The "rudimentary lathe" line always cracks me up.


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