Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'd rather be chasing zombies

Every Tuesday we have shortened class periods so the kids can go home early and we can stay for a long, boring meeting where everybody complains about how much everything sucks and the administrators nod and agree and remind us that there's nothing we can do.

I hate meetings. I'm the cranky girl in the back of the room who sits silently until finally someone says something utterly ridiculous and then my opinion flows like pus from the pinch of a long overdue zit on your face.

But mostly I just sit and pretend to listen until someone makes me participate in creating some silly chart that we have to present to the rest of the group. I usually bow out of making the chart because I have really bad handwriting. Also, I can't come to your place; you should come to mine. It's closer to Hollywood where all the cool stuff happens. And you'll have to drive because my car has no roof and is too small.

I digress.

I just really hate meetings, is my point. Today we have a real doozie. We were reminded like thirty times about how mandatory it is, so you just know there will be a sign-in sheet. I have to go or I'll get a lecture from somebody. Maybe everybody.

But there is one cool thing I can do during meetings: write. I bring a notebook and work on my stories. I'm still in the process of outlining zombie story and I made some headway brainstorming with Best Friend at lunch today, so maybe today's meeting won't be so bad. It's been a while since I had time to sit and zone out and plan a story in my brain.


There's a metaphor in there somewhere.


  1. A friend tells me he wants to quit his job as an editor so he can get a job as a night security guard at some sleepy place so he can sit and zone out and work on stories. (Wait, didn't Glassblowerscat actually do this?)

  2. A web cartoon on toothpastefordinner.com had a great one on meetings

    if I wasn't so lazy I'd look it up and post a link, but I am, so I'll just paraphrase the joke

    Guy stands up at a meeting holding a pen
    "Here I have a normal pen. I will past it around so everyone can verify it's normal.
    "Now before your very eyes, I will use this completely normal pen to doodle through the remaining two hours of this meeting."


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