Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Emily is watching

I just reorganized my DVR schedule so now I am pondering it to figure out what the list says about my personality and interests. I'm clearly into dark scifi and superheroes. Here's the top 30. What's at the top of your list?

And if you haven't seen any of these shows please do. They're fantastic.

1) Battlestar Galactica
2) Lost
3) Heroes
4) Friday Night Lights
5) Supernatural
6) Stargate Atlantis
7) Eureka
8) Prison Break
9) Dr. Who
10) House
11) The Office
12) My Name is Earl
13) Scrubs
14) The Wire
15) Hex
16) Project Runway
17) The Shield
18) Best Week Ever
19) Hustle
20) The Soup
21) Entourage
22) Psych
23) Flight of the Conchords
24) 24
25) Grey's Anatomy
26) The Riches
27) The Simpsons
28) America's Next Top Model
29) Dresden Files
30) MI-5 (AKA "Spooks")


  1. Ever since Emily got New Boyfriend, she hasn't been blogging nearly as much.

    Are you sure she's going to have time for all those shows? ;)

  2. We have the same two shows at the top two. I also have "My Name is Earl". Interesting. But I can't remember the entire list and the order. I do have all the "CSI"s, "NCIS", and I just added "Burn Notice". Used to watch "Psych", "24", "MI-5" and "The Simpsons", but lost interest. ("MI-5" was good, but took too long for new episodes to air.)

    You'd probably have a fun time exploring some of the better anime titles with dark sci-fi and/or superhero themes. My biggest recommendation to you in that regard: "Cowboy Bebop". Mix up elements of film noir detective flicks, cyberpunk (a la "Blade Runner and "Total Recall"), spaghetti westerns and Bruce Lee movies, with just a sprinkle of "Firefly/Serenity" - that sums it up pretty well, if somewhat incompletely. Kick-ass soundtracks, too!

    Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network replays it periodically. But if you do indeed rent it, watch it in chronological order, if you can: TV series discs 1-5, the feature-length movie, then TV series disc 6.

    You want more suggestions, just ask... ;-)

  3. I have no reception right now, meaning I moved in March and the new place doesn't want me to put up a dish. I hate Comcast. So, 4 months have gone by and TV-less. I bittorrented all 4 seasons of Two and Half Men and just finished watching that. Now I'm watching the first season of Weeds on DVD.

    I will get cable before the fall season though. I don't watch much TV (I'm a screenwriter, not a TV writer) but I do enjoy watching one or two episodes of each new show so I can follow what other people are saying about it.

    My boss is obsessed by Battlestar Galactica - so I intend to check that one out soon.

  4. Interesting! I never would have guessed you for "Hex", though. I couldn't make it through the pilot on BBC. So much staring and ennui.

    I'm off to see what my DVR says about me!

  5. I want to be on Best Week Ever.

    And I want to be House's girlfriend.
    ...nothing turns me on more than an under-emotional brainiac with an addiction to pain killers.

  6. I've only seen four of the shows on your list. To be honset, I don't watch much television and when I watch it is usually documentary, news, etc. Anyway, my favorite show is My Name is Earl. Jason Lee is fantastic!

  7. Yes, Emily has been distracted by her social life. Suck it, Crash. New Boyfriend is adorable.

    And yes, the shows have suffered. My DVR is majorly backlogged. I'm out doing things.

    I agree, Cowboy Bepop is a good show. I see it on occasion. I have an ex who's really into it.

    I've only seen one episode of Weeds because I don't have Showtime. Maybe I'll check it out.

    And oh yeah, Best Week Ever would be so fun.

  8. You can tell you write TV specs just from the DVR list. I don't know anybody who watches that many shows regularly who doesn't also want to write for TV.

    I'm not into TV writing, and my DVR list is puny in comparison. Battlestar Gallactica, Lost, 30 Rock, The Office, Scrubs, Simpsons, Venture Bros, Mythbusters, Stunt Junkies, Kathy Griffin, Daily Show, Psych... that's all I can think of right now... maybe all there is... I didn't even watch the Season Finales of Scrubs or Veronica Mars until just this past weekend.


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