Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Prior approval required

I was out yesterday and didn't see a computer all day, so I wasn't able to check my email until this morning when I discovered three nasty personal attacks presumably by the same anonymous person who apparently had enough time on his or her hands to read the blog of someone he or she does not like and comment with poor grammar about what a horrible person I am.

It was a fun way to start my morning.

When these comments first started to appear I just deleted them, then I blocked anonymous comments. But I had a few people who aren't members of Blogger tell me it blocked them too, so I opened my comments back up. And then this morning I had those lovely notes about why I'm the worst thing to happen to America since Paris Hilton.

I can definitely see the similarities. I, too, have blond hair and know how to breathe.

Most of the time I've seen anonymous comments on this blog they've been written by cowardly people who enjoy being rude, so from now on if I see anything posted anonymously and rude I'll just delete it.

If I criticize you I will do it like an adult and you will know who I am. I expect no less from my smattering of readers. I'm fine with criticism. I'm not fine with anonymous personal insults.

Later today I will address the meme I've been tagged with.


  1. Sadly, that Chez dude and his gang of followers (lovers?) remind me of every group of insecure junior high schoolers I ever detested.

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I actually only wrote one personal attack with bad grammar, so, it, must, have been another meanie with, time, on his or her hand! lol,hahahaha.

  3. It's bizarre that you have stalker. You don't really post controversial stuff and you seem like a pretty nice person. And you're a teacher!

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I sincerely apologize for posting one of the comments that you found insulting(didn't write the others).

  5. Second Anonymous, if the comment about Crash was yours, it actually wasn't that bad but I was already in a foul mood so I deleted it anyway.

    First Anonymous, chill out on the commas.

  6. About me?

    What I do?

  7. Lol. The movie Crash, not you, Crash.

  8. Damn.

    I was totally ready to get all scrappy.

  9. Why not just stop anonymous people from posting?

  10. Net trolls can be a problem. It's what convinced me to go private with my blog. I use a public blog as a "gateway" for people to request access to the private one, and it gives me complete control over who's posting - someone gets stupid, I make them get gone. Fortunately, I haven't had to do this thus far, but having a greater level of control does make my life a little simpler.


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