Monday, July 09, 2007

Celebrity Sightings

Saturday I joined Scribe and a few other cool people again at the Hollywood Cemetery screening. This week's movie - Fast Times. Drew Barrymore showed up, as did the director, Amy Heckerling. They got up and introduced the film to the crowd, which got us all jazzed. Apparently Drew goes to those screenings all the time. It makes you wonder who else does. I somehow doubt they had to wait in line with the rest of us.

Then on Sunday morning New Boyfriend and I were discussing the pros and cons of Minority Report and I started singing the praises of Neal McDonough and going on about Band of Brothers and lamenting that his current project, Traveler, is not as awesome as the untimely cancelled Boomtown.

Then we walked up to Larchmont for the farmer's market to get some potatoes and garlic when we got held up in this little pathway by some douche with a giant baby carriage in the middle of conversation with some friends he'd evidently run into. I was thinking about being rude and pushing the fool out of the way when I realized it was Neal Freakin' McDonough.

So I waited and basked in his glow. He finally pushed on but kept running into more people he knows. That man is very popular. I wonder if he lives in my neighborhood? I could run into him while jogging, perhaps and then stare at him and really creep him out by mumbling "You're awesome" and running away.

Still, he was majorly holding people up and his kid has far too much legroom in that carriage.

I went "Oh my god oh my god oh my god" and stopped when his friend looked at me and smirked. Boyfriend was unfazed and bought some jalapeno pistachios.

Then as we were walking back I saw another dude I recognized but couldn't place him right away. After we turned the corner and started walking down Beverly I realized it was Kevin Weisman, Marshall from Alias. He looked concerned about his bagel situation.

Boyfriend works on a studio lot all day so he did not get excited, but I have yet to lose my immediate glee when I see an actor I admire in person. I don't say anything, of course, because I don't want to look like a massive dork, but I still get excited. It was a good day. I got garlic and saw Buck Compton from Band of Brothers.


  1. Hey, I was at the Cemetary Saturday night. I can't believe we didn't run into each other, considering how few people showed up. It couldn't have been over 3,000.

    My weekend sightings included Steven Soderbergh and those Flight of the Conchords guys.

  2. Funny. I always think I see Jermain everywhere. Maybe he's following me. Or maybe he's following you and you're following me.

    You probably ran into me at the bathrooms 'cuz I was there a lot. Stupid beer.

  3. I saw them at Target, then I got an email from a friend saying that she had seen the Flight of the Conchords guys at Target. So everyone is seeing them. Maybe they're just always out in public hoping that if people see them they'll watch the show.

    I was the guy who, fifteen minutes into the movie, was going to the bathroom and fell right on top of a girl. I felt terrible. She was very nice about it.

  4. Hi - been reading your blog a while, but I don't think I've commented until now.

    I know what you're talking about with that whole celebrity sighting thing. I've bumped into a few, mostly when I used to work in movie theaters in "a major city" - Yoko Ono, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lambert, Andy Warhol, Nastassja Kinski, maybe a few others. I even shook hands with Giuliani while he was still in office - but I never voted for him, and never would.

    Nine times out of ten, I just do like you did, the "O my Gawd" dance followed by staring and grinning like an idiot, though I did actually get to speak with Lambert and Fox a little while.

  5. I tend to look away and/or pretend I didn't notice most of the time when I run into celebrities, but there was one time...

    My fiancee and I were leaving a coworker's party in Venice and we got stopped on the street by my boss. In the middle or our conversation, a guy comes out of the house next to us, looks around a little bit, and then just stands there. After a few seconds, my boss turned to him, said a polite "Hi," and turned back to the conversation. Almost immediately, Wash and Captain Tightpants (or, if you prefer, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion) exited the house laughing and chatting, met up with The Lookout (not a formal title) and took off toward the beach. I'm sure my boss wandered why the hell we were all wide-eyed and jaw-dropped (I love grammar), but we quickly ditched her and followed the guys until they entered this dive-looking bar a few blocks away. Because we are respectful (aka pansies), we did not go into the bar.


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