Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm thinking something in a navy blue

So you may remember when my mother made me take my wedding dress to the consignment shop to sell it.

I didn't want to sell it. At all.

My stepfather saw that I was sad and he said, "It will be okay. You'll get married some day."

"It's not about that," I said. Like I'm really heartbroken about THAT near miss. "They only want to sell it for $500."

The dress cost my grandmother $1400, you see. This would be just one more way Ex-Fiance would rip me off and I was not happy about it.

So time has gone by and the shop has been unable to sell it because I refuse to lower the price any further. Now my mom has to go pick it up at the shop and send it to me so I can try Ebay.

But then my grandmother called me the other day and said she doesn't think I should sell it. She offered to send it to me, then pay for me to have the bustle removed and the dressed dyed a color of my choosing. Then she made me promise to wear it to my first major awards ceremony.

So when I go to the Oscars for the first time, I'll be wearing my wedding dress.

My mother does not think this is a good idea but my grandma gets it. The dress is a symbol and I take symbolism seriously. When I got it I was comfortable and pretty, but I was not happy. The dress was a symbol of a life I felt myself being dragged into against my will. I could dress up and put flowers in my hair, but that would only cover me up in pretty wrapping when I was crumbling inside.

But now the same beautiful garment can become a symbol of my triumph. Because I like symbols in my real life.

So if this were a movie it might open with me trying on the dress in the shop, kind of sad but looking pretty. The film would end with me wearing it proudly, dyed a pretty color that compliments my glowing skin on the red carpet as I celebrate my success.

So now I just have to get invited to the Oscars.


  1. You know, it's not filled with rip roaring, flesh eating action, but a really simple, clean story about a woman and her dress could probably make a damn fine, Oscar worthy screenplay for you. Maybe you should write it.

    Throw out the first attempt of course. This story's too close to home to get right the first time.

  2. Maybe for someone else.

    It might make a good episode of TV but I would be bored out of my mind trying to write that as a film.

    Unless I added a lot of fistfights.

  3. Perhaps the wedding slash Oscar dress grants its wearer ninja abilities? An update of The Tuxedo? And, Ex-Fiance works for an evil international organization seeking to steal the prototype Ninja Dress to make copies for its army of supermodel assassins.

    One woman. One dress. One night to save the world.

    That would have *lots* of fisticuffs.

  4. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Eh. I'd donate the dress as soon as possible to a worthy organization like this one:

    Take the tax write-off and get that old energy out of your life. If/when you go the Academy Awards, you're going to want to wear couture, not a (relatively cheap) wedding dress from a failed engagement. It'd be like saying to the guy - my whole career success is a reaction to the fact we didn't work out.

    Make it about YOU. Not about HIM. Plan to wear something that doesn't have any baggage associated with it.

    FYI, I had a failed engagement and I gave back the ring.

  5. I thought about that and it may be the nice thing to do, but I prefer the idea of turning it into something for me rather than scrapping it.

    I'd rather have a dress that means something to me and has a story than a piece of couture.

    That's what I like about the plan. It turns a negative into a positive.

    The ring was my great grandmother's so I still have that too, but I'll never wear it again.

  6. Emily's grandmother gets my Coolest Freakin' Grandma of the Year award. How awesome to know that your grandma totally understands your and has your back. Big props to Emily's grandma everyone!

  7. To me it also symbolizes change, overcoming obstacles and triumph.

    By taking your dress that has this massive aura of negative history and meaning and morphing into one with a positive connotation and motivatation... well I think your grandma is a genius.


  8. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I got the same idea as everyone else:

    write it.

  9. I have to second the donation to, that's where my ex donated her dress, shoes, purse, train, everything.


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