Thursday, March 06, 2008

The undead will save me from obscurity

After I finished the first draft of Not Dead Yet I set it aside for about two weeks while I did other things. But the writers group meeting is on Tuesday and I promised my draft would be done in time so a couple of days ago I picked it back up and did my first edit.

I was honestly surprised. Usually when I read back over something I get depressed at how many repairs I need to make. But in this script not only did I not have tons of plot holes to fix, but I ended up deleting entire spaces I had deliberately left myself to fill with extra scenes. I didn't need them.

Since I began writing this about six months ago and never reread what I wrote, I forgot a lot of the stuff from the beginning. But it was a clean read, filled with more jokes than I remembered making. I actually laughed in surprise at some of the funny stuff.

So I feel really good this time around - better than I ever have about a script. Of course there will be a ton of work to do once the group has finished ripping it to shreds, but I feel pretty confident that I'll be able to fix everything pretty quickly once they shove me in the right direction.

I really never would have though zombies would bring me my breakthrough script, but there you have it. Way to go, Zombies.


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Let's hope the picture above is a hint to what we can expect from your script!

    Haha :D

  2. So when do we get to read it?!


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