Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zombies are approved for general enjoyment

Thanks for all the great supportive comments about Ex-Writing Partner, everybody. I feel pretty good about the way things have turned out.

I just got back from Writers Group, where we read Not Dead Yet. The prognosis is good. Overall everybody said my style is fun to read and the opening is terrific, but I edit like a blind man on acid because there were so many places where I suddenly switched genders and ages and locations and stuff. That's because when I write I change things on the spur of the moment, intending to go back and fix the changes to match the earlier stuff. But then when I go back I often forget what I meant to change. As a result, girls become boys, three-year-olds become six-year-olds, dogs become cows, it's a crazy zombie land.

My biggest problem was the third act. I built up a love triangle then let it fizzle without really using it. And I set up a character to be really heroic and interesting, then turned him into a whiney bastard out of nowhere. And I should have taken more advantage of the flame thrower.

This I was surprised and pleased to hear. They wanted more violence with the flame thrower. More flames! More throwing of flames! More shouting and zombies on fire!

This I can do.

Last time Group read my feature I felt dejected, like I just had too much to overhaul, and I didn't feel up to the monumental task. But this time I feel pretty good about it. I understood most of the criticism and I know how to fix it. And most of it is pretty simple.

So all in all my story works. Way to go zombies!


  1. Without having read your screenplay, I still think I can make one recommendation based just on your post tonight.

    When your heroes encounter the dog that's become a cow, they need to use the flamethrower on that scary transmogrifying bastard!!!

  2. Also remember that last time, your script wasn't entirely your script. It is possible that some of those feelings were tied up in your feelings about working with WP, and not having complete "ownership" to change things. Maybe not, but maybe. Just saying...


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