Friday, May 30, 2008

Carrie would look down on my closet.

Last night one of my oldest friends called to ask me if I thought she should wear a suit or something more artsy to a job interview.

I laughed.

I've had two real jobs in my life - reporter and teacher. And at both jobs I wore jeans and button down collared shirts as my standard wardrobe. I don't even own a power suit or anything that resembles one. My shoes come from Sketchers, Nike and Payless. My wardrobe is 90% The Gap. My going out clothes come from Forever 21. My really nice going out clothes come from Frederick's of Hollywood. My fanciest item is a skirt I got off the sale rack at Bebe four years ago. I don't own any heels higher than kitten.

Maybe that's why I don't get Sex and the City. I like clothes that look good and I'm horribly jealous of my coworker who always puts together these fantastic clothing combinations that would never occur to me, but if I had a choice I'd reach for the jeans and T-shirt every time.

Sex and the City is about four women who have lots of dramatic relationship issues and wear expensive clothes. It's not about a whole lot else. I talk about clothes sometimes. I talk about sex sometimes. But by and large those conversations are a small fraction of how I spend my conversational time and I can't fathom spending 2 and a half hours bouncing between sex and the shops on Melrose.

I get that lots of women like that they aren't afraid to talk about sex openly the way men do. I like that the women are fairly independent and have jobs and stuff. That's great and for some people that's enough. But I can't think of much more boring material to sit through.

Unless there is a gun battle in the middle of the wedding. Is there a chance Aiden shows up with a gatlin gun to demand Carrie back from Big right as they're saying their vows? Because that would make me watch it.


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Um... Men talk openly about sex?

    I have never had an "open" conversation about sex with my guy friends. Ever.

  2. I meant like "Did you nail her?"

    "Yeah, I nailed her."

  3. I too would like Aidan to come back, though I don't know if I share the sentiments about the gun bit.

    But, yeah, the show has its ridiculous touches. I don't think anyone can argue that.

    I'm just looking forward to an adult movie that isn't dumbed down. I'm also geeked about a comedy that ISN'T for fourteen year olds. Not to mention a comedy that doesn't have to be about pot, nudity-as-funny, twenty-something losers, assholes dressed as funny, fake IDs, prebuscent sexual fantasies, scatalogical humor, or anything resembling a Peter Pan complex.

    I think Matt was talking about The Fist Foot Way a few posts back and talking about broad, dumbed down comedies. Well, here's the alternative.

    You can be over 30 (GASP!), and act like it (Gasp!), and not be incestuously connected to Judd Apatow to be funny.

    Thank god.

  4. A gatling gun would definitely make it more interesting.

  5. I'm beginning to think I don't like anything unless it involves a gatling gun.

    I have lost my ability to fond nonviolence funny.

  6. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I meant like "Did you nail her?"
    "Yeah, I nailed her."


    My goodness. Am I ever out of the "nailing loop". Nail. Nailing. To nail. WTN (hmmm. not quite as powerful). But I did check the dictionary...and there on page "N"

    To have sex with, especially spontanously and/or with great passion/force. "I nailed her out of the blue last night."

  7. I've tried to watch Sex and the City, but always end up wanting to smack at least two of the women on the show. Shallow and boring. Even the sex stuff is dumbed down.

    Only character I can stand is Samantha - because whereas the others seem shallow, she just seems emotionally repressed.

    And it frustrates me that this is being declared "the perfect chick flick" because I had hope that there'd be a response to the Apatow flicks forcing "chick flicks" to become more inventive.


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