Monday, December 03, 2007

Peas, pasta and vampires

Sometimes life surprises you.

Due to some recent circumstances and poor money management on my part (but I had to have new pajamas!) I currently have no money. Like, NO MONEY.

I can't even buy groceries until Wednesday.

So last night I went exploring in my cabinet and discovered I have lots of spaghetti noodles and pasta sauce and not much else. That's great because I still have parmesian cheese and some cheddar to melt on the top so it's almost like a holiday.

Then I remembered that due to my food shortage I haven't had a single fruit or vegetable in a week except for slices off the one tomato I've been nursing.

So back to the cabinet. A can of green beans, three cans of black beans - tempting, but not a vegetable - two cans of peas and a can of pineapple chunks.

In retrospect the pineapple chunks were probably the way to go but at the time I opted for peas.

I put an entire baby can of peas in my pasta sauce.

And you know it was weird, but not terrible. Peas in pasta sauce with tomatoes and cheese over spaghetti noodles. Yay! I'm healthy again!

Also, Lifetime. I hate Lifetime. It's not television for women, it's television for angry women with evil husbands who abused them and kidnapped their children. That ain't me.

But last night I fell upon Blood Ties, a vampire detective show that doesn't suck. It's like thirty times better than Moonlight although not as good as Angel. It's actually the most real of the vampire detective shows and it's on Lifetime.

So I watched Blood Ties while I ate pea spaghetti.

Pea spaghetti. Not to be confused with pee spaghetti.

It was an evening of surprising events.


  1. Emily, if you come over toninght I'll make you salmon that me and my dad caught last summer in Puget Sound. And hey, bring the cat too, I have dogs, it'll be fun! (for my dogs, he-he...)

    If you're not willing to make the 2,500 mile drive north for food, maybe you could work the love interest for a freebee. Free dinner that is.

    - E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

  2. I remember having to make a meal under similar circumstances, hasn't everyone at some point? I think it was spaghetti with tomato sauce. Not A tomato sauce, literally what you Americans would call ketchep. Hope you get through it soon.

    Also, I might be wrong but I believe Blod Ties has been canceled. I know what you mean about moonlight, hasn't grabbed me yet either.

  3. isn't it nice to find alternate programming, and by alternate I mean something other than the game show-reality TV horseshit that clogs the Big 4 (and unfortunately is cutting off the oxygen supply of the also-rans too)

  4. don't get attached...


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