Wednesday, April 25, 2007

But Seventh Heaven got eight hundred seasons

Dammit all to hell.

Apparently after only three weeks on the air, Fox has cancelled Drive.

At least this time nobody can blame Fox for not pushing the show or for putting it in a crappy timeslot.

I blame you.

You didn't watch it, did you?

You're an idiot.

Stop watching Are You Smarter Than My Neighbor's Dyslexic Cat and pay attention to good stories with Nathan Fillion in them. And fast cars. Hot women and fast cars and hot dudes and bank robberies. They killed off the ugly chick. What more do you people want?

For crying out loud.


  1. There's just too much good TV now days to keep up with.

    I can't watch that much television.

    I'm sorry for contributing to the cancellation of Drive. I'll try better next time.

  2. I think I was watching my Larry Sanders DVDs while waiting for 24 to start. Or watching How I Met Your Mother while waiting for 24 to start. Or just making dinner while waiting for 24 to start. I can't remember. What can I say. Hey, Lost's on tonight.

  3. I thought it just sounded stupid. So they are doing scary things to force this people to drive in a race that they are still giving out a huge prize for... why? Why do I want to watch people drive really fast, and getting into accidents, and putting nice people like you and me in jeopardy on the road.

    Now Nathan has been paroled, and he can be in something good.

  4. Tim Minear, dude.

    It wasn't stupid. It was good. It was about more than the driving. There was a mystery involved. That was the "what" part. Who are they and why are they doing this?

    Now I'll never know.

    And if you really want to talk about fictional shows putting you and me in jeopardy, what the hell do you think Jack Bauer is up to?

  5. Drive shoots right behind us at The Riches.

    It is interesting to see a show go downhill. They instructed the editors to take a week's hiatus after the 5th episode was aired. That's never a good sign.

    Scott ... I am 100% with you. The premise itself is very one dimensional.

    But then again, I thought the same about Prison Break. Although, I guess, after breaking out of prison you get a new premise: The Fugitive.

  6. I'm working on the tag. Promise. We wrap shooting tomorrow on our 2nd cluster. Sorry to hear about Drive, maybe it will get picked up by a different network and live on?

  7. I like Minear's work - especially The Inside - but I couldn't give a damn about the characters in Drive.

    Found the "clever, clever" camera moves from outside the cars to inside the cars irritating.

    Anyone who couldn't get the Kennedy clue immediately should have been shot out of a cannon feet first.

    I ended up looking to see how many 'civilian' cars were being reused for the highway chase scenes.

    The Courtney Love looky-likey should have been thrown under an 18-wheeler right after she first opened her mouth.

    Fine, the budget dictates filming outside LA, but in a scene set in the Panhandle avoid having mountains in the background.

    If the drama had grabbed me I wouldn't have cared less about these distractions. Unfortunately...

    Use the free time to watch the DVD of Kidnapped instead. Now that's a show that didn't deserve to be canned.

  8. Anonymous12:18 AM

    weren't they just showing previous of that? it's cancelled already? I didn't even know it aired!


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