Monday, April 09, 2007

They're in the walls

I think old people live next door. Old people who never leave their apartment, apparently, because I never hear their door open or see them. I only know they're there because our bedrooms are next to each other so every night while I lie in bed and read this insanely boring book about movie production I hear the old man struggle against what I can only assume is Chronic Loud Angry Sneezing Disease. Do you think Dr. House could diagnose him? I think I'd rather hear people having sex. But only if they're not old.

I used to have a neighbor like that in my very first apartment when I was in grad school. My bed was pushed against the wall right next to where my neighbor's bed was pushed against the wall and I don't know what he did but his girlfriend seemed to really enjoy it. When I finally met the guy I was pretty convinced he didn't realize how much he was attracted to men, but that may explain why all the noise was coming from her vocal chords instead of his.

The other night Friend and I were on my balcony discussing the logistics of launching glass bottles across Beverly Boulevard when one of my neighbors from the building next door gently called out, "Can you guys keep it down?" We ran back inside and realized it was 4:30 in the morning. Sorry, dude. I didn't mean to be that girl.

And now I will do a little dance to distract you from this terrible transition.

Do do dooooo.


My desktop computer completely imploded last week and I have yet to try to fix it. It suddenly decided that whatever was on the big blue screen was really important for me to know and refused to budge unless I did what it said. Unfortunately it said something about lots of numbers and letters that mean nothing to me, even though I'm fairly computer literate.

Which is why I'm really glad I've used my laptop to write for the last year. And I'm glad Partner and I have emailed Game Night back and forth with every draft because I would be pissed right now if I couldn't get to it. As it is, I'm a little miffed about the thousands of songs I can't listen to in my ITunes folder. And I can't really update my Ipod with music fit to run to so I guess I'm stuck with a lot of Whitesnake and ABBA for a while.

So this brings me to my PSA. Please email all your major scripts to yourself because you will be enraged if your computer decides to have a temper tantrum and you can't get to your files. But if you email them, they're never lost. So go do that right now before you forget. You'll be really glad later when you don't lose all your hard work.

And please, have really quiet sex if you're old. Think of your poor, young, innocent neighbors.


  1. Yeah, I do that a lot.

    (The e-mail to myself thing, not the quiet sex thing).

  2. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Is that the BSOD(Blue Screen Of Death*)?

    I don't have that. Ever. And I don't own a Mac or run linux. I run the easiest and most stable version of winblows that ever was invented. Windows 2000 Professional.

    What is not commonly known is that Windows 2000Pro was based on the NT platform and had Win98SE-like features added to it. XP and later were based off win98ME and therefore crappy. ME unofficially stood for messed up.

    While I'm sure there may be applications that will run on XP and not 2000, I haven't found them. 2000 runs on about half the space and memory of XP. I don't ever have to worry about registering it. About the only down-side to it is there is no 64-bit version. Oh, there is one improvement XP had over 2000; XP has the roll-back function.

    Personally, if I upgrade, it will probably be to a Mac, though I'm buying a 2-button mouse. I'll also probably put linux on the current system.

    rules of computing:
    1) make regular back-ups.
    2) have another bootable HDD with a compatible operating system so you can drag the files off the one with the scragged operating system. (Note: you can buy a small older drive cheap and gain access to your currently lost files on your computer).
    3. Pray to the O.S. gods that your fat tables don't die. Major PITA, though not as bad as a drive failure before a backup.

    *BSOD: A trademarked Microsoft Product.

  3. That was a lot of information.

    Yes, it was BSOD. So I googled the message and found a dude who fixed it. Now I can listen to Itunes again.


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