Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi ho, hi ho...

Today was my first day back at work after eight weeks of vacation. I almost forgot I had a job.

I've been teaching yearbook so long I forgot what a full day of classes feels like. I'm beat.

I spent all day Friday getting my classroom ready. This morning my boss told me I'm in a room on another floor. So I moved everything to the new room. I want my old room back. It was on the balcony, outside where I could see the sky all day. Now I'm trapped in a science room with bunsen burners. I hope I don't get gassed to death by an angry freshman.

Ten minutes into class after explaining who I was and why I was here, I still had kids suddenly realize they were in the wrong place. One actually begged me to stay because he'd rather be in my English class than go to Life Skills.

I don't have keys because the plant manager insists that the teacher who thought she was in that room turn her keys back into him and make me go get them from him tomorrow if I can find him instead of just having her give them to me.

But it looks like my kids will be good. I know most of them already. There is only one who looks like his ego needs to be completely destroyed before I build him back up again, so that's good.

Being the center of attention for three 95 minute periods teaches you a thing or two about storytelling. You can see the different body language when you start to lose the class, and you adjust accordingly.

I'm going to go collapse on my couch and eat my frozen pizza after I defreeze it and watch 24 and Heroes. We get to see catatonic Audrey and the scary future tonight. I'll probably fall asleep during one of Jack's torture scenes like I always do on school nights.

Edited to add:
My boss just told me I'm moving back down to the classroom I was originally in.



  1. i think if i had to teach kids all day I'd probably end up punching one.

  2. Oh man, do I ever remember that first day back thing.

    Hope you got some rest.


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