Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hollywood Nights

I'll tell you what a fancy haircut does. It makes you the belle of the ball. All the boys were trying to talk to me last night, but that might also be because there were only like three other girls at the party. As soon as guys found out I was a writer they were throwing themselves at me trying to get auditions for films I haven't written, even though I've been to these parties before and mentioned my projects before. I felt so Hollywood. Who knew expensive hair was so useful?

These two gems came out of my mouth last night:

"So I thought to myself, what would Mike Tyson do?"


"The point is, you were being a dick."

You can't have them because I plan to use them as scene openers.

The party was at Lead Actor's house because the party is always at Lead Actor's house. When we were back in his studio I found his giant stack of spanking new headshots and stole one to put on my bulletin board. I also got one from Partner. Then, when I get everything together I'll add the budget and shot lists and all kinds of other paperwork. I try to arrange it neatly and make it look pretty because when it's nice I tend to stare at the bulletin board with affection and that makes me start thinking about what I need to do. Having pictures of those two guys up there in my living room will remind me to keep working. It also might have the added bonus of creeping them out if they ever come over.

They're talking via email and so far they're getting along okay. Partner was all sketchy until he saw Lead Actor's reel and decided that maybe the guy can act after all. So I think I've avoided any major battles on set. Lead Actor said he wants it to be like summer camp, and I think that's a very good idea. We'll have smores on the craft services table. We can heat the marshmallows over the stove.

Lead Actor and I tried to have a discussion about what the core of the story is and what our goal is in producing it, but the conversation was interrupted by some random dude's intense need to remember Larry Birkhead's name which in turn begat a discussion of whether or not Anna Nicole Smith would be a good lay. That is not what my film is about.


  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    "Belle of the Ball."

    Nice haircut, though.

  2. Three things:

    1. I hope I never become known as "random dude at a party who can't remember Larry Birkhead's name".

    2. The new hair is hot.

    3. Hot Fuzz is awesome.

  3. Yeah I had a whole conversation with that guy and introduced him to all the major people in the house since he'd never been to these parties before, but I still have absolutely no memory of his name or any details about his life.

    I guess that is kind of bad.

    And yes, Hot Fuzz is completely awesome. It's been a while since I came out of the theater knowing I'd buy the DVD as soon as it became available, but I did with that movie.


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