Saturday, April 21, 2007

Save these boys

Did you see this week's Supernatural? That was one of my favorite hours of television ever. And not just because of Jensen Ackles, although he was indeed one hell of a PA.

The premise of this week's episode ("Hollywood Babylon") was a series of murders taking place on the set of a movie that coincidentally films on the Warner Brothers lot. I was just there the other day when Maggie showed me around. Why couldn't I have been there the day Sam and Dean were wandering around, joking about famous people?

Anyway, they sneak into the movie shoot and suddenly Dean's a PA, launching a string of hilarity as he quickly becomes the best PA ever on a really aweful movie. The episode reminded me of the "Wormhole Xtreme" eps of Stargate, filled with inside jokes but still amusing to people who don't know the business. But you could tell most of the jokes were for the benefit of the writers. It was definitely a self indulgent episode, but I don't care. It cracked me up.

DEAN: What's a PA?
SAM: I think they're kind of like slaves.

Supernatural is rumored to be on the bubble this season, which is a bit alarming because it's a very good show. It's also one of the few good dramas out right now that's easy to spec because it deals mostly in standalone episodes and you don't have to know an enormous amount of backstory to understand current events. I've got a Supernatural spec myself.

Plus, it's genuinely scary a lot of the time, but without the unecessary gore that makes me loathe to see modern horror films. Beautiful boys, scary crap going on around every act break, constant funny - you should be watching Supernatural. Start with the most recent episode. It'll crack you up.

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  1. Supernatural on the bubble? It can't be!

    I am working on a Supernatural spec myself. It is an easy spec to write, and the research alone is worth writing it. I know so many people who aren't watching this show becauseit's on the CW and they'd rather be watching Dancing with the Stars or some shite.

    Sigh. I'm a Sam girl, myself. It's the height.


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