Sunday, April 22, 2007

"No I don't need a daddy for my 3 kids"

There is a new show on VH1 called The Springer Hustle about the behind the scenes action on The Jerry Springer Show.

It's kind of what you'd expect - the most horrifying half hour of television imaginable.

The PAs find people who are "feisty" and willing to take their clothes off or beat the crap out of each other. Then the producers bring them in and practice with them. While the producer encourages White Girl to yell and scream and get indignant, she also encourages Black Mom to yell and scream and get indignant. Then they step aside and watch the fireworks they encouraged go off on stage. And everybody involved - the producers, the PAs, the guests, the audience, Jerry - they're all completely soulless.

Like I said, kind of what you'd expect.

But still.

It's the most appalling thing I've ever seen.

With every commercial break I felt a piece of my own soul break off and float away into the ether, never to return.


  1. I'm surprised that anything related to that show is still on the air.

    I remember seeing an episode a long time ago where some guy is on his knees pouring his heart out and the audience starts to chant "bark like a dog" or something...and he does it.

    The audience is the worst part of the show. They are so vile and compassion-less.

    But I think at this point everyone is in on it, and it's more of reality theatre than reality tv/talk show.

  2. wow, a meta-show. on tv at the same time as the original. fascinating. has this happened before?

  3. Maybe one day, the people responsible will be left in a room with me and an assortment of blunt, yet cunningly crafted, “instruments of unbelievable wounding”.

    Then perhaps we can all watch pieces of them break off and float away, never to return.

    After I’ve thumped seven shades of shit out of them.

    ’s’just a thought... ;-)


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