Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How writers go method

One time while I was at Lead Actor's house for a party he did something that really pissed me off. I have since forgiven him and am way over it, but at the time I was very upset.

I went home and couldn't shake the anger so I wrote about it. I got out my laptop and wrote a six page short that took the events of the night before and shifted them around to make them a little story about a girl who's hopes and dreams are crushed by one man's actions.

That's not really what happened, but it was generated from what I felt at that time.

I wrote it in ten minutes, sent it to Partner and despite a disagreement about some structural elements, he thought it was really good.

So flash forward to this new plan we have about writing our film in chapters. I realized it would be an excellent introduction to our series to use this particular short as the opening chapter. I did a rewrite, changed surprisingly little, and now it's ready to go as part of our larger story.

Two things I think are interesting about this. One, you never know what's going to be useful. I wrote this short as a way to exorcise a demon and deal with my own silly emotions. I never had any intention of doing anything with it. Yet here it is, saving me time and energy by melting into the story we already created. All I had to do was change character names, a few details and one or two lines of dialogue.

The second thing I find interesting about this is what it's going to mean for Lead Actor. The character I based on him in this story is the one I've turned into his character from Game Night. He'll recognize the event right away as soon as he reads the script. So now he's going to have to play a real asshole version of himself doing an action very similar to something he actually did. That should be pretty surreal.

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