Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ode to Los Angeles part II

First of all, happy Easter. Or Passover. Or wait - is Passover happy? Hell, for that matter Easter really shouldn't be happy. Huh. April is Let's Celebrate the Tragic Death of Others for the Greater Good Month. With bunnies.

Oh well. Now to my post.

Everybody loves good stories. Seriously, who doesn't love movies? Nobody, that's who. People gripe about the "sad state of Hollywood these days" and how television "rots your brain" but then the second The Goonies comes on USA they're all over it. Because we all love the movies.

That's what's so fascinating about living in a town that revolves around film. Even though every third person has written and directed a short film, and even though every third weekend there's a film festival within a twenty mile radius of my apartment, every single person I mention my short to is really excited.

Most of them have no idea if I can write or not. For all they know my script is complete garbage, but they're just stoked that I'm going out and doing it, even if they've done it a hundred times. At the last Battlestar Galactica party a director actually gave me $20 and said to use it on craft services. And I will.

I was waiting on Contact to see if he liked the script and wanted to produce it, but now I'm thinking that's not the way to go. He helped by giving me and Partner excellent notes. If he hadn't done that our script would be much weaker. But Contact would most likely take over, and although he'd bring in money he'd also inevitably take control. He's a great guy, but we all know that he who fronts the money has the power. Isn't that what that kid from Third Rock says in that Lookout movie? Was he talking about producing?

I wanted his help before because I felt like I was drowning in confusion about how this sort of thing is done, but thanks to my reading list and the multitude of people who've been free with advice, I'm getting the hang of it.

Because every third person in LA wants to help. Don't you dare believe it when people tell you otherwise.


  1. Well, as a Christian, I can correct your mistaken assumption about Easter. Easter is the celebration of the Jesus's resurrection - not his tragic death. Geez, who do you think we are, celebrating his death on a Sunday?

    We do that on Good Friday.

  2. Fair enough. I didn't really go to Sunday school or pay any attention whatsoever during sermons as a child. I was too busy pissing off my mom by cracking jokes that made her laugh during the hymns.

    Although if you go all the way back, Easter is the celebration of Pagan fertility. Hence the eggs and bunnies.

    I guess that's why the parking lot at porn shops is always full on Easter.

  3. Umm, actually Easter is a hijacked pagan festival of fertility.


  4. Looks like Riddley didn't read all the comments, eh Riddley?

  5. I'm old, my intelligence and attenton span are wearing thin... ;-)

    Apologies and trebles all round!!


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