Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do I know what I'm doing?

Until today I've been a producer. In fact, last night I spent so much time on the phone I didn't get food until 9 pm, and unheard of occurrence in my house. I set my dinner out, then the phone rang. I talked to that person for an hour then got my dinner back out, took one bite and the phone rang again. That call prompted me to make another call, and so on until I was very grateful that I'd planned a cold meal last night instead of a hot one.

In short, I've spent a large portion of my time these last few weeks on the phone or swapping emails, making things happen.

Yeaterday I went to Target, list in hand of all the things I need for art direction in my apartment, credit card at the ready for a fun little shopping spree. I went home empty handed. What happened to Target? Today I'm off to Ikea to see if I can do better. Tomorrow, I begin set decoration.

But all these things - the casting, shopping, calling, emailing, script finalizing - all seem very producery.

Then last night I had a dream.

I told Writing Partner that we needed low angle shots to make the character of Billy look intimidating and high angle shots to make the character of Eric look weak until the moment when Eric stands up for himself, and at that moment we need to reverse the low and high angles. We also need straight on shots to make the gun look scary before that moment, and angles shots to make it look like a flaccid penis afterward.

Just go with me on that. It's a metaphor.

Then I woke up and repeated my dream advice to DP.

I'm smart when I'm sleeping.

And now I finally feel like a director.

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  1. I never ask my director for another shot unless he or she asks me. I am just the producer. otherwise I shall direct the movie.

    that's why I write and direct my movies.


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