Friday, September 28, 2007

TV love

People on TV have it made. Whenever they have breakups it's all for the best and everybody exchanges understanding looks as they walk away to a Coldplay song on the ever-present soundtrack.

And they're all so pretty and perfect and manufacture drama.

I mean, good grief. Look at McDreamy. Not only is he beautiful and able to whip up that crinkly smile that makes any girl weak in the knees, but he also knows Meredith and completely gets her and will defend her honor at every turn.

In any normal world that's more than a girl could hope for. Not at Seattle Grace, noooooooo. At that place the perfect man who's completely in love with you is not enough to make you happy. You must look longingly into his eyes and turn your head and express your fears and hope he understands, which he does because he's perfect in every way.

That's why I'm on the border of not wanting to watch Gray's Anatomy anymore. These people bitch all the time about nothing. Hell, in the season premiere Meredith's sister even told George to stop bitching. Unfortunately the rest of the cast didn't get the memo. Then again, I don't think George has really stopped bitching either. That's what those people do on that show. If you took away bitching over minor problems and having sex with each other they might actually have to do more surgeries. Like, normal surgeries. Appendectomies or something.

Then again we don't watch TV to see what life is really like. That's why Tell Me You Love Me probably won't get past a season. We like it much better when we can imagine our own McDreamy who will wait around for you and have sex with you in the on-call room while you deal with your issues.

Stupid TV shows. Making my life look inferior.

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  1. My wife watches it and I guess I watch it by default. My gripe is that I wouldn't want any one of those folks to be my friend. Complain complain complain.



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