Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My big plan of action

Writing Partner had the excellent suggestion that the cast and crew get together the night before the Game Night shoot and go for dinner and drinks at some restaurant nearby. I'm all for that. I'll even reserve the room and buy a round, but I can't afford to pay for the whole thing.

One thing I'm certain of is that there will be good food on hand for the shoot. I'll make some food, I'll buy some food, and there's a Starbucks within walking distance. I know a guy who's trying to get a catering business off the ground - perhaps I could persuade him to give me a deep discount and then I won't have to worry about the food at all.

My view of this whole thing is this: I'm asking several people, some of whom are friends, some of whom are casual acquaintances, some of whom are my boyfriend, to give up their precious time and do what I say for two days with no pay. They are volunteering for this abuse, and it is good for their careers if everything turns out like I want it to, but that's no reason for me to have a chip on my shoulder about my crew. So my main goal is to make this as little like work as possible while still getting a lot of work done.

When I was a kid my mom used to get really mad at me for not working harder in math class and I used to say, "When I get older if I need some math done I'll hire somebody to do it for me." Of course, if I'd paid more attention in math I might now have enough money to actually pay someone to do it for me. How ironic.

Anyway, that's my philosophy about the whole directing thing at this point. Not that I should be doing math, but that I should let people who know what they're doing do the things they're good at. I don't know much about cameras and sound, even though I'm researching and learning more every day. I can't run this shoot by myself. So I've brought in people who do know what they're doing. So I'll tell them what I want and they'll give it to me. And in return I will feed them well, have an efficient plan in place when they arrive, and let them have a little fun for two days.

It sounds like a reasonable exchange to me.


  1. there better be clips of this here movie.

    ...and hot people in it.

  2. Couple years ago - we pulled in a few markers and shot a short.

    We had been doing production in the area for about 10 years through our company and had taken care of a lot of people over the years and built up a lot of good will. When it came time for us to shoot - everyone wanted to help for free.

    And we needed their help.

    But we made sure to feed them. Well. Almost every cent that went into that film - except for Art Direction - went straight to food for the crew. I can't stress how important it is.

    We took advantage of our friends much longer than you - we shot for two weeks - but in LA there are always people looking to do just like you - break in and help out. Everything that goes around comes around. When they do their free project - you'll be on speed dial.

    You have the absolute right philosophy though - even now, there are people more qualified for almost every position on the crew than I am - and I tell them what I'm thinking - and then stay out of the way and let them do their jobs. More often than not - I am surprised by how much better their ideas are than mine.

    Which either shows that I'm a genius for staying out of their way - or I'm an idiot... the idiot who built a career on other's genius... :)

    Good luck. You'll never forget your first... :)

  3. Hey - Genuinely wanted to wish you good luck with the shoot of Game Night.

    Hope it turns out awesome.


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