Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The season kickoff

Yay! I love Fall premiere season. There's so much hope for new stories and characters to get all caught up in and then there's the return of shows I was excited about last season.

I didn't watch Gossip Girl because I have no interest in something called Gossip Girl.

But I did watch Chuck last night. Good pilot all in all. The character dynamics were good, I adore Captain Awesome and the fact that his name is Captain Awesome. There was plenty of solid action and good comedy. My complaint is mainly that Chuck's best friend had a bit of Jar-Jar disorder - he's in way too many scenes and he's way too annoying to be in more than a couple. My other concern is that I'm having trouble with the overly sensitive CIA agent. She's too nice. Then again, so was Sydney Bristow so I guess I'll let it play out. Adam Baldwin as usual is super cool. I added Chuck to my regular schedule.

The Heroes premiere I was on the fence about. I wanted to see some cool new powers but we really just saw glimpses of the same stuff and a guy who turns stuff into gold which was not really all that exciting. I also don't like the cliched characters. The head cheerleader at Claire's new school is a major bitch - surprise surprise. Her dad's younger supervisor at the paper store is a power hungry douchebag - because we've never seen that before. But the awesome samurai Hiro is all about turned out to be a white devil from England so that was interesting and surprising. Way to go, David Anders. Work that British accent. We'll see where this goes.

Then I watched Journeyman. Kevin McKidd was my favorite thing about Rome, so I'm on board with this show. I'm drawn into the mystery already and I love the husband - wife dynamic. They clearly adore each other, but there are problems just like there are in any marriage and they're only accented by this crazy new Quantum Leapy experience and the return of a lost love. There's lots of backstory nicely inferred through dialogue. I added it to my schedule.

Tonight it's Reaper and Cane and the return of House. Yay!

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