Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm a filmmaker, everybody

This is me directing. And also slouching:

Thanks to all those people who wished me luck. It worked.

Saturday morning DP came in and said, "I don't usually look at the footage from the day before because I don't want to see all the things we did wrong, but I decided to look at it last night..."

-and this is when I held my breath, waiting for the inevitable list of reshoots we were going to have to blow through before we could move on-

"....and it was really good. It was really funny. We have a lot to work with."

That's kind of what this weekend was like.

The first day I really had no idea what I was doing but my crew - consummate professionals all - was very patient and helpful and quietly guided me through the shoot so that by the end of Sunday's shoot I was pretty confident about the choices I was making. So I owe Kellee a HUGE thank you for being an amazing script supervisor and AD. I would have been lost without her. DP was filled with ideas and brilliant shots, Gaffer was everywhere, perfecting everything quickly and making beautiful light with no power and dealing with a giant set of glass doors on the balcony.

I was so lucky. Our biggest problems were a broken china ball, a bottle full of red ibuprofen that was supposed to double as cocaine and a fire alarm going off in the condos across the street followed shortly by the sound of fire trucks. All problems were easily solved or went away while we shot a few inserts.

I also owe a big thank you to my fabulous PA, who took these pictures, kept an eye on continuity, manned the air conditioning unit, ground up ibuprofen and somehow managed to still take care of lunch. Also my amazing Boyfriend who turned out to be the perfect sound guy. When it began pouring with crazy rain - while my roofless Jeep sat parked on the street all day and is now filled with puddles of water which are hopefully evaporated by now - Boyfriend went on the roof and bared the storm to lay a blanket over the vent that was making all the clinky noises. Problem solved once again.

Things went so right we actually finished four hours early on Sunday. That I owe to my incredible set of actors who knew their characters inside and out, knew their lines perfectly and took my direction just right with minimal complaint.

I still can't believe we had no major disasters. Not only did we have no major disasters, but we had a lot of fun.

Here are some pics from the set.

Guns and roses:

A little girl on girl:
Some of the talent and the crew in serious preparation:So, in short, my first directing experience was wonderful. That's what happens when you surround yourself with excellent people.


  1. Congratulations! Well done.


  2. Congratulations!

    Nice pic's looking forward to the finished film :)

  3. i love pictures.

    now i can stalk ALL OF YOU!

    ...jeez, that sounded creepy.

  4. Congrats, Em

    The photos look great.

  5. You've got The Pirate Movie on the same shelf as Hamelt and The Graduate.

    Something is very wrong there.



  6. Way to go Emily. Now, make sure you keep up the momentum through post. That's where things can really slog down...

    So cool you're pulling it off~~

  7. Thanks everybody.

    I stand by The Pirate Movie as an excellent film, dammit.

    When we filmed that angle we put Citizen Kane horizontally over the shelf below to cover up a power cord. So take that.

  8. Okay, but what about NEWSIES? That movie is just ... bizarre.

    (Aren't you glad your movie rack wound up in the background of that shot?) ;-)

    -danny boy

    P.S. Many congrats on your shoot, and please keep us updated on post-production.

  9. But Newsies stars one Christian Bale! How can you not love?

    Also, it was the very first movie I ever bought. I got it when I was 11.


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