Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where have you been?

I was going to write about Bionic Woman, but Ken Levine pretty much summed it up.

I still haven't had a chance to watch the rest of the pilots because some things happened and then there was stuff going on and now I'm subbing for a friend of mine while she takes most of her classes on a stupid field trip that is annoying her very much. But the time I was going to spend watching all the pilots I am instead spending my day relaxing and watching important episodes.

Then I was going to write about the dream I had where I blew my mom's head off while telling her I loved her, but I don't feel like reliving that right now.

So I guess I'll just elicit some stories from the gallery. Yesterday I started looking up various festivals I'd like to submit the short to. Of course we'll be doing all the big ones because I dream big, but since my chances of getting into Sundance are less than stellar (although I do have some fantasies about premiering at Cannes on my birthday), what else is there? La Film Festival? Cinevegas? Anybody had any good experiences with any of the smaller festivals? I don't want to submit to any of those ghetto fundraising things that suck.

And yes, I know I'm months from my finished product, but I enjoy planning ahead.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    You might want to look at this's too soon for you to make the Sept 30 deadline but check it out anyway.

  2. austin film festival was really fun and it is considered the screenwriter friendliest festival about. or so they had me believe.

  3. For my money the only festivals worth submitting to are the Academy Awards qualifiers, which can be found here:

    Of course, if you get an invite from a festival and you can talk them into footing your travel bill then who's to argue with a free vacation?

  4. I've been to CineVegas twice and had a great time. Morning: coffee with filmmakers (they do a lot of Q&A stuff). Afternoon: movies - the perfect place to be in Vegas during hot summer days. Night: Parties!!! I saw John Ritter there shortly before he died. Hunter S. Thompson too.


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