Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Evil pandas are a go

The students are all silently reading their magazines. They are adorable.

Ha! I tricked them into silent reading.

I got a couple of kids who were at a loss as to how to turn an article into a story so I gave them Harold and Kumar. Two stoners go out for burgers. Once you hear that, no idea sounds stupid.

I've been trying for months now to get a student to design a logo for my production company. I'm calling it Bamboo Killers, partly because that's the first script I've been a part of that really has the potential to be something and it was fun to write, but also because I just like the concept and the way it sounds.

I've asked like three boys who were amazing artists if they'd draw me an evil panda destroying a stalk of bamboo. I offered them money and the ability to see their logo on a film, and they were all really enthusiastic and first and never finished.

Well, that's not true. One kid finished the sketch but the panda had one eye bigger than the other so he looked more like whacked out developmentally disabled panda.

Yesterday I noticed one of my kids had spent class drawing the entire Aztec calendar on his hand with an ink pen and still managed to contribute to class discussion, so I asked him to give the old evil panda a whirl. Today he came in with a sketch of an angry muscular panda bear just owning a piece of bamboo. He's really excited about the idea of his logo appearing in film.

He's going to ink it in, then I'm going to ask a friend of mine to photoshop it with lettering so I'll have my logo.

Then I start a website for the production company and I'll eventually move the blog over there. That's all you need right? A logo, and address and a blog? And maybe one day an actual movie? Yep. I'm a producer.


  1. Top Ten Things to Ask Emily If She's a Producer

    10. Do you have to picket yourself?

    9. Do you give yourself the shaft on new media, or have your assistant do it?

    8. Do you go to the prom, or ruin it for all the attractive kids?

    7. Shall I drive the Escalade around the corner, or straight through the picket line?

    6. Are you sure I have to do *this* to get the part?

    5. Do you prefer your high colonic of green tea or sea water?

    4. Do you validate parking?

    3. What do you mean by "raise the stakes"?

    2. Have you no soul, woman?

    and the number one thing to ask Emily if she's a producer now...

    1. Will you read my spec script? ;)

  2. Oh, one more thing you'll need: a Porsche.

  3. So after reading about the evil panda, I later went to PVP to read my daily webcomic and I found this Angry Panda advertisement for PVPonline merchindise.

    To be official, I believe you need a Internet store via Ebay or Amazon to sell your DVD's from, an EIN, and a bank account.

    Oh, and a PA to do things you don't have time for: laundry, getting dinner, grading student papers, etc.

    Oh, and next time you're in a bookstore, look for Breaking in: How 20 Film Directors Got Their Start by Nicholas Jarecki. The passage that should inspire you is page 31 top section on page.

  4. I'm a producer, not a corporate whore.


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