Sunday, January 13, 2008

For your consideration

One of the great things about awards season is that you can always get movies for free. Some people get screeners of the new films and if you are a guild member you get in free to movies at the theater.

And for the rest of us, we can read the scripts for free.

So if you want to read a bunch of screenplays trying for academy nominations this year, here they are:

-A Mighty Heart
-Into the Wild
-The Kite Runner
-Margot at the Wedding
-There Will be Blood

-American Gangster
-The Bourne Ultimatum
-Elizabeth The Golden Age
-The Kingdom
-Knocked Up

-No Country for Old Men
-The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
-Gone Baby Gone

Fox Searchlight
-The Darjeeling Limited
-The Namesake
-The Savages

Go. Download. Read.


  1. Emily, thanks for the links. Just read "Juno" from your link to "Fox Searchlight."

    Diablo does write interesting dialog, and overall her story is intesting. But I don't like the place and resolutions she takes her character to. (I'm of a MUCH more conservative mindset)

    BUT, with that said, I see so much of you, Emily, when I read Diablo Cody's "Juno" prodcution script. Maybe you should try to write a drama? Read the script. Get inspired.

    Love and kisses,

    E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

  2. I liked Juno. I read it on the plane and I laughed out loud at many of the scenes. I'm not very conservative. Quite the opposite.

    I appreciate the constant support, but I love what I write and the way I write. I don't really have any desire to copy someone else. I am pretty happy with the choices I make on my own.

  3. Have your read Diablo Cody's other screenplay, Jennifer's Body? It's a girl's horror movie that utilizes lots of "tampon humor." I thought Juno was a stronger screenplay, but you might get a kick out of it.

  4. O thats so exciting! Now I can recite them all in my room and pretend to be the superstar actress that I am.

  5. I was just trying to decide which Blacklist script to read next. I'll make it Jennifer's Body. Thanks for the tip.

  6. How did you get ahold of the blacklist scripts? Care to help a brother out and hook me up?

  7. Right place right time.

    I couldn't give you all of them. There's too many. But if you email me and let me know a particular script you want I can email you the PDF.

  8. Anonymous11:57 AM

    any chance you'd be willing to upload the blacklist scripts into Google Docs? then they'd be available to anyone...

  9. That's a LOT of scripts, guys. It would be a major pain in my ass to upload them all.

    I'll look into it but don't hold your breath. I barely have time to eat right now.

  10. Where do you get the Black List scripts? Easy--

    So I hocked my Smith-Corona
    and I went to meet my man
    he hangs out down on Alvarado Street
    by the Pioneer Chicken stand

    He'll fix you right up, man.

    B (and I think I'm sinkin' down...)

  11. Oh, I love that song. Warren Zevon. Yoakum does a good version.

    Carmelita hold me tighter
    I think I'm sinking down
    And I'm all strung out on heroin
    On the outskirts of town

    Nothin' like a good junkie song...


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