Thursday, January 10, 2008

Me llamo Emily

Today I started a beginner Spanish class sponsored by LAUSD. For $20 I get three months of classes complete with snacks. Today we learned to say what our name was. I feel smarter already.

In addition to language acquisition I get three salary points, which is all I need to get a raise.

For our ice breaker activity we were supposed to say our favorite food so I said "tortas con queso" because that's what I had for lunch so it was the most delicious thing I could think of at the time. In order to learn our names the teacher replaced our last names with the food and that's what we called each other as we learned the three ways to ask someone their name.

So I was "Emily Tortas Con Queso" all night. I probably wouldn't have mentioned the cheese if I'd known everybody was going to have to keep saying it for two hours.

I kind of hope the class moves faster but I'm not sure that's going to happen given that the majority of our class is old fat guys, one forty year old large lesbian gym teacher and the Chinese girl who got really pissed when she couldn't understand why we kept calling her "Jene Tofu".

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