Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Digital twins

As I watched Social Network Saturday, I remember thinking those Winklevoss twins were fantastic, and how lucky Fincher was to find two identical twins so perfect for the role who could act so well.

My favorite line in the film: "I'm 6-5, 220 and there's two of me." Brilliant.

Turns out, though, Fincher didn't find two perfect identical twins. Those are two unrelated guys digitally enhanced. I never would have guessed. Amazing. What kind of crazy shit are they going to think up next?


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Both parts were really played by Armie Hammer. Josh Pence was basically just a body double.

  2. That's exactly what that article I linked is about.

  3. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Polanski did something similar in THE NINTH GATE, having one guy play twin brothers in an important extended cameo with Johnny Depp. When I first saw it in the theatre, I never once assumed anything other than he had hired twins.


  4. So Bill Gates was a composite (with unexpected voice source), and Justin Timberlake was not, funny, good article.

    CGSociety for more movie magic that will blow your mind, last feature I immersed in, Salt, the White House scene.

    First time my mind blown, Casino, city shots and all the Vegas sparkly, fake, had no idea, looked fabulous. And that was 15 years ago, several generations in cgi land, so even more cleverness abounds today.

  5. That's crazy! I had no idea.

    I loved how Fincher used the miniature-faking technique (popular in still photography) for the crew race sequence.

  6. They put Brad Pitt's face on an old guy for Benjamin Button.


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