Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tweet me or whatever

Look, sometimes these pictures are relevant to the topic, and sometimes they just make me giggle.

Anyway, peer pressure has finally won out. I finally started a Twitter account. I remember reading an article about Twitter in a Wired magazine a couple of years ago and thinking, Why the fuck would anyone want tiny updates on your day?

I've never been good at spotting developing trends.

Anyway, I'm under the name Bambookiller because my name was taken by someone who hasn't tweeted since 2009. I don't know if I'm every going to tweet anything cool. It may all be lame shit. It may be elegant pearls of wisdom.

But I will not - NOT - get a Facebook account.


  1. THE SOCIAL NETWORK is friggin' amazing. You don't have to get an account but you should see the movie.

  2. I agree with the stupid updates -- I get around it by adding certain people's tweets to my google reader -- that way I get all of Steve Martin's tweets without having to sort through my friends who think standing in a long line at Coldstone equals entertainment

  3. I did see Social Network on Saturday. And it was amazing.

  4. Why the moral stand against Facebook but not Twitter?

    I don't really like either. I only have a Facebook account to keep in touch with people that otherwise I may forget to keep in touch with.

    Twitter just makes me want to destroy the last ten years of technology.

    Twitter is everybody's chance to pretend that they are famous and every little thing they do is fascinating.

    Mr. Peel,

    Will you be writing a review of The Social Network? In my opinion it's easily the best film of this year.

  5. James, good to know. I'll investigate this "Google Reader".

    Just kidding, I know what Google Reader is.

    Matt, I simply hate the interface of Facebook, and I don't like being poked or whatever by people I don't really want to talk to. I got rid of my Myspace too.

  6. Hey Matt--

    I think it might be the best movie of the year too. I probably will do a piece on it somewhere down the line but I kind of lost interest in writing about new movies as soon as they were released. Maybe after some time has gone by.

  7. I was on Twitter for about a week. It's mindless rants from celebs and other idiots. :-)

  8. Best headline I've seen today: "Twitter CEO Resigns, Doesn't Tweet the News" (here).

    Twitter was useful when Atlanta had gas shortage (for weeks, felt third-worldy), got instant updates on where gas available, truly useful. And Steve Martin on twitter? He's making something new with it (god damn I love creatives), so entertaining.

    But other than that, as Sorkin suggested on Colbert (re the wider phenomena), who really needs to know you just ate a cupcake?

  9. Anonymous2:48 PM

    It's useful just for various amusements. A lot of comedians (Steve Martin is recent, and the best, but Rainn Wilson, Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, etc.) tweet and a lot of it is just funny stuff.

    So have an account just to read other stuff even if you put nothing up of your own. Lots of writers, directors, etc., too.


  10. check out the TED talk by the inventor of twitter before you write it on or off. he makes the point that the users determine what twitter is. like everything in life, you make your own experience. it can be art. it can be entertainment. it can be political. it can be whatever you want. it's just a medium.

  11. Twitter is sometimes (not often for me) an amusing 2 minute distraction.

    FaceBook, meanwhile, has become a near indispensable tool for me.


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