Thursday, October 21, 2010

Realistic goals

If I could have a perfect screenwriting career, these are the things I will have done before I die:

1) Have sole screenwriting credit on a Danny Boyle film
2) Adapt that one novel that nobody seems able to adapt but that I really really want to do and would be awesome at it
3) Write the script about that one royal historical figure that would be a drama and in no way an action film
4) Have sole screenwriting credit on a successful big budget action film with a female protagonist.
5) Make out with Jensen Ackles

And that's all I have so far. I think I'm going to post them on my board, not because I'm all into The Secret, but because when I get lazy I can remember what I'm fighting for. The Beefcake has already approved the above mentioned makeout session, so I'm halfway there.


  1. Ok, I had to look up Jensen Ackles...

    I had hopes of being an indy film maker until I saw just how important a script actually is to film making.

    Then I thought, " hard can it be? I can write stuff!"...

    Then I started researching and meandering off to try my hand at it. I realized shortly thereafter I have no friggin clue how to write a script, and jeez, you need a good STORY too?

    I have finally lowered my self-expectations to the point of "well, if I get a 30 second clip and it looks cool in HD, I'm technically a film maker."

    I wish you much success on your passionate career...and hope you do see your credits roll on something with royalties :-)


  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Jensen Ackles looks like the next big star. Has great potential. Lets hope he does not drink or do drugs. I swear, I met so many fine good looking actors in this business, and lots of the pretty face guys (a la James Dean, River Phoenix) get lost in drugs or narcistic destructive behaviour.

    Taking about 'MAKING OUT", I think in the 1950s, making out and kissing between boyfriends and girlfriends were the thing to do.

    Now in 2010-2011 year, no one makes out or kiss, to its full potential. No one does it. If they do - it would be only for a 2 minutes max. I doubt if anyone nowadays "make out" like they did on Happy Days for example. Or passionately like a good car wash make out.

    You know making out for a good 45 minutes.

    Actually, this topic sounds like a good script, someone should write it.


  3. My "realistic goal"?

    British TV writer.

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  5. Oooh, I'd love to look Ackles up, if you still have his number, vinsanity...

    I will confess, even after years of watching Supernatural, I still want to call Dean Sam (I get laconic and laidback from "Sam") and Sam Dean (I get bookish from "Dean" more than James Dean), but am working real hard to remember their names right because Sam was the half naked one last episode, and that's worth remembering. I loved the dinner with death episode, Dean dining with death [death is older than god, and they're so old they don't remember how old, and he will eventually extinguish god (good metaphor for actual universe formation and end, btw)], gave me goosebumps, the scale of death's power. Such a great show, and actors and writers.

    May a Danny Boyle opportunity come to pass for you, Emily!

    [had to repost, messed sam and dean's names up yet again... sam, the half naked one, must remember]


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