Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I would like to beat severely the asshole who invented this virus

I've been missing from the online social scene for a little over 36 hours because four days ago Yearbook Computer #2 came down with a case of Win32 Vitro, the nastiest virus I've ever seen, and for the last two days I've done nothing but try to eradicate it. These damn kids and their downloading of videos.

In the words of one Billy Bob Thornton, it's a global killer, and in the words of one Michael Biehn, I'm going to have to take off and nuke it from orbit.

Unless this next thing works. I've been saying that for four days - I'll give up when this next thing works. It's like a crack pipe. Any goddamn minute I'm gonna give this up and go to bed, I swear, but first, just one more hit. Just one more boot in Safe Mode and I'll have it, I know it.

Tomorrow I'm giving up and calling for backup. Seriously though.

In the meantime, check this out. It's silly fun: The Bayifier.

*Edited to add: No Mac trolling please.


  1. After 15 years of being a hardcore MS fan, last month I decided to reinvent myself and purchased a 2nd hand MacBook Pro. My otherwise wonderful HP laptop was letting me down in class, particularly when showing clips, which is what students love the most so I couldn't fail in that field.

    The transition is not smooth, but this machine feels sturdy and reliable.

    And... no viruses.

  2. I HATE the interface on Macs. HATE.

    This is just an issue of me giving the kids a lecture on how to responsibly navigate the web with our set of PCs.

    And I can see the advantage of keeping a Mac around. We have an old beat up one that doesn't work.

  3. But our cookies are much tastier than PC's cookies.

    *Seriously, the double blind taste test confirmed it.

  4. Unfortunately, Malware like that embeds itself pretty good. Sometimes it writes to your Boot Record and sometimes other much worse things. I did a quick check and it looks like you need to blow away the whole drive.

    I'd also suggest getting AVAST AV software. it's free in soem versions and will help prevent the things from actually executing. Once they execute you're toast.

    or MS has a Malware Pack for Vista and Win 7. If you're not on at least that you will continue to have problems. Even XP has been hacked to death over the years.

    W7 has mechanisms to prevent malware from writing to system files.

  5. I installed Avast as soon as I saw the problem, which is how I was able to put a name to the virus, but it was too late to fix it. The computers came with an anti-virus program but not a good enough one, I'm afraid. I have Avast pro on my own PC and I agree it's a great program.

    It actually turned out to be Dr. Web that helped loosen this bitch up last night, which allowed me enough control to run a boot scan in avast. I'm not sure if the virus is gone or just hiding, but it is allowing me more access now and scans are turning up clean. At this moment my big problem is Windows Installer malfunctioning. Basically I'm putting out a bunch of fires this virus started. I may be able to save it without nuking it, which is presenting its own set of problems.


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