Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Those Chilean miners are going to make a killing on film rights

I heard on NPR that the Chilean miners have all agreed to sign a contract that will allow them to live the rest of their lives without working. I think I was supposed to assume that meant through some sort of lawsuit, but my first instinct was to think of movie and book rights.

So that got me thinking - this will obviously be a movie at some point. So it's quiz time. Who should write it? If you were to write it, how would you approach the material? Because you have to admit, it's a hell of a story.

Also, I hope they all make it out of there okay. That's got to have been the most boring, uncomfortable two months anyone ever spent.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    you should write a spec script based on that

    the 1972 Andes air crash churned out a best seller and a hit movie (Alive 1993)

    so what do you think?

  2. I think none of us will ever get that opportunity, but that's what makes it a fun exercise for everybody to think about.

  3. They didn't eat each other. There weren't any monsters down there like in THE DESCENT--at least, I assume there weren't. And none of them lost any limbs, did they? Were any of the miners two days away from retirement then he got killed trying to save all the others? Because that might be something.

    All that's left is some kind of triumph-of-human-spirit thing. I think I'd prefer monsters.

  4. I think Sorkin should write it. Given the confined space, I'd love to see him try to get a pediconference (walk-and-talk) in there.

    Plus, all there pretty much is to do down there is talk, Sorkin could spend almost the full two hours on those mobius-strip-like conversations he loves.

  5. 13 miners have been rescued so far. I'm so happy... hopefully the rest will get out safe.

    It's definitely something interesting that I would watch. It would make a great film for Latin American cinema, which I've been getting into lately.

  6. Anonymous8:03 AM

    The entire rescue has a sort of "Apollo 13" aura about it. Maybe William Broyles, Jr. and Al Reinert, the credited writers on "Apollo 13" would be a good choice. It'll be interesting to see how faithful the movie adaptation will be to the actual events. Will it still be a mine in Chile or will the events be transposed to a mine in somewhere in the US?

  7. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Great post Emily!
    I was just talking about this to guys at the office.
    If you isolate some of the concepts of this true story, you can spin it into ton of scripts, can have a horror, thriller script or a good short film etc.

    But my imagaination is too vivid to be the last one down there to come up.


  8. Anonymous9:44 AM


    WHAT WE NEED HERE TO MAKE THIS INTO A GREAT SCRIPT, is get a film director that takes full control and take a script or idea like from BURRIED and just rip it apart and direct into a good movie. It would be too sad for writer to write this story. The family will not allow it.

    WE NEED A DIRECTOR like Bolye or someone with strong dictatorial skills to make this movie or make this happen!!!!!!!!

    It would be too boring to film converstations down there. WHO IN THE RIGHT COTTON PICKING MIND would watch coversations down there. That is the problem with writers who think they can write from true stories. Forget it. Need to take this story and make it into something that shows respect to the miners. Let the director write and direct and produce it.

    Do not just write a script about conversations down there. LOL

    That is the dummest idea I heard on script forums today (by the way).

  9. Actually, the uncredited rewrites on APOLLO 13 were by John Sayles who, in all seriousness, would be a great choice to write this. Which of course means that it'll never happen.

  10. Hey Anonymous,

    It seems to me that the questions posed were meant as an exercise. You know, to be creative, to keep fresh, to invent.

    Your limits are not others limits.

    No need to be rude.

  11. Well Anonymous, (if that is in fact your real name) I see your point. Conversations would be completely boring down there. What we need is action. Balls to the wall action.

    So how about this? The guys should build a roller coaster out of one of their mine cars and go exploring while they wait for help. Perhaps they could stumble across a Pagan thugee cult or some kind of underground monster.

    And yes, "dictatorial" skills are a must. Is Castro free these days?

  12. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Jenna, what I am saying is that over 50,000 screenwriters per year make the same mistake over and over. And two thirds never correct themselves and become Readers or Script Doctors etc...why not for once - listen to to the directors and producers and financiers. They are the one IN COMPLETE CONTROL. Did you ever listen to those nutty pitches online lately. All stories have been told (yawn) including that MINING TRATEGY, respectfully. Listen to the man with the moneybag, forget writers and readers and couch-stories.

    The producers with the moneybag is the piper and they will tell us how they want to script to be written. And he does not need coverage, development notes or Readers or script gurus to tell him what to do ( well maybe if you are UNK, then he is worth listening to, I like him, LOL)

  13. Anonymous, you are correct. They listened to the pleas of several big name producers. Ryan Reynolds is set to star in the based on film. They merged all of the miner's personalities into one character. His fatal flaw is that he loves to eat so much he can't seem to fit up the escape pod. But he has access to a twitter account so it never gets boring.

    And please, keep commenting. As the old mantra goes, the key to becoming a great commenter is: Read Comments, Hear Comments, Write Comments.

  14. Anonymous8:07 PM


    whatya know, turns out this may make it to the big screen after all.

    How Hollywood May Film Chilean Miners Saga



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