Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's been a very exciting day. As you may already know because it's totally important, A website that likes to list stuff, called Bachelor's degree, has listed the top 60 blogs for aspiring screenwriters. I'm number 17! Weee! Apparently I talk good.

I started this blog years ago after another blogger got a book deal and I wanted a piece of that. I have yet to get a piece of that, but being mentioned on the same list as John August and Ken Levine is pretty close. Fortune and fame, here I come.

I've made friends here, and improved my craft, and the daily writing has done wonders for my ability to produce pages. I discovered that once in a meeting at work where we were all supposed to write a couple of paragraphs about something in an English workshop and my coworkers spent forever figuring out how to get started while I cranked my assignment out in no time. As I looked around I realized how forcing myself to write a daily post has made that kind of stuff easy.

Anyway, most of those blogs on that list I already read, but there were a few I'd never heard of, so it was cool to get a look at some new material, I recommend checking out all the blogs on that list. Personally, I always use the blog roll to get an inspirational jump start to my writing day. Half the battle of writing is getting that shit started.


  1. Hey congrats! And if you want even more prestige, your blog is one of five on that list I choose to read.

  2. Damn it, Emily... my Google reader has been consistently expanding every few weeks. You just hit the multiply button with that list.

    Not so bad except I tend to use educational tools as a procrastination device.

  3. Awesome.


  4. Teaching, scripts, blog, and doing all damn well, that's seriously kick-ass. Woot! Woot!

  5. That's really fantastic Emily! Pleased for you and actually kinda inspired too. You're quite right about the daily writing being such good practice. It really is though I struggle to do it daily myself.

    Still, you've given me inspiration to renew my efforts.

  6. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Way to go Emily
    Your blog is the only one I read, next to John August.

    I stopped reading those other blogs out there;full of time-wasters.

    A breath of OCEAN FRESH AIR!


  7. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Congrats Emily.

    We always liked your blog.

    And congrats too to John August and Julie Gray - just like you, they are so helpful to the community of aspiring screenwriters.

    Now we have a list of the only blogs to visit in the morning before we start working at our desk job and YES, writing our scripts during lunch time and during coffee breaks and the occasional cigar/cigarete break...

    Emily, keep up the fantastic and positive and entertaining and educational posts!

    All the best Emily.

    Anita, Nicole, Michael

  8. Awwww! Those are such nice things to say! I was about to weep, but then I got distracted by a piece of toilet paper on my sleeve. How does toilet paper get on one's sleeve? I wasn't even wearing this sweater last time I went to the bathroom.

  9. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Was it George Clooney's sweater or Kayne West's sweater?
    You know Script Shadow had a better blog.


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