Thursday, October 28, 2010

The phone trail

This year our kids are all reading the same novel, and later in the year we'll be screening the movie version for the entire junior class in our auditorium. It's distributed by Buena Vista, so I logged onto IMDB Pro and called them up.

They sent me to someone at Disney, who sent me to a recording that sent me to some woman at some other place, whose secretary sent me to some legal company, who sent me to the woman who told me it would be $75.

As my list of phone numbers grew and I kept repeating my request to each new person, in the back of my mind I kept thinking that one day all it will take is one phone call and my name. One day.


  1. Since you said Buena Vista, I'm trying to figure out what movie based on a novel that it could be. Right now I've narrowed it down to either ANOTHER STAKEOUT or HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO.

  2. Heh. Neither. It's Amy Tan.

  3. Ah, so that would be a Fall '93 release starring Keiko from DEEP SPACE NINE and Elaan of Troyius. I actually saw that film a few years ago and was a wreck by the end. I'm not made of stone.

  4. Hah. Yeah. One of my very favorite books ever.


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