Friday, October 08, 2010

Make Undercovers better

I really want to like Undercovers. The pilot was okay - not great, not even remotely as good as the Alias and Lost pilots - but good enough that I liked its potential. But now....

These two people were spies for years before they met. They traveled around the world lying to everyone they met, doing lord knows how many morally questionable things to get the job done. Yet they don't appear to have any secrets from each other.  Their "fights" are more like cute little foreplay. They just love each other so much that they know each other sooooo well and just want to protect each other, but not at the risk of sacrificing professional respect. It's like the fucking Cleavers with guns.

And the other spy guy, the hot white guy, he used to date the wife. Now he works with the wife and husband and they all get along. He doesn't really want the wife back - he jokes about it, but he's got a lot of other irons in the fire. The husband isn't particularly jealous, sort of mildly annoyed.

Speaking of jealousy, nobody's a better spy than anybody else. There's no real competition between them.

I don't tune into shows like this to watch the mission. I don't give a shit about the mission. I tune in to watch how the mission affects the relationship of a married couple, but so far the mission doesn't seem to affect them much at all.

Give one of them a horrible secret. Make one member of the group HATE another member of the group they're forced to work with. Make one of them kick so much ass on a mission while the other one ends up looking like an idiot. For heaven's sake, give us some genuine conflict, not this surfacy cute shit we've been getting. I'd say Undercovers does not need to be Chuck, but even Chuck has constant relationship conflict. So instead I say, Undercovers, be the edgy Chuck. Please.


  1. AMEN.

    Alias is one of my all time favourite shows. Its pilot was amazing. I like spy shows, and I want this to work.

    But it's just not doing it for me. One, I think you're right, the personal conflict isn't there, but two, the missions ARE lame. Someone might crack the code that keeps all spy identities a secret? Wasn't that the plot of Mission Impossible?

    Well, if this doesn't work out, there's about half a dozen other spy themed tv shows in the pipeline. Maybe one of them will be better.

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    red the script , its on net
    s0-so, wehhh, very mehhh
    but maybe if they give us something not seen
    i wish they work harder
    maybe the same story but it takes place in days and time when MIAMI VICE ,the tv show
    was king
    where is their imagination
    where is it
    how come they had no imagination
    how come


  3. I was massively disappointed by this. Had already heard it was meh, but figured it'd be at least mindlessly entertaining. I'll forgive some weaknesses in exchange for loads of hot black man-flesh. But this show is the epitome of meh.

    I was really hoping the sister would be a real screw-up, and jeopardize their catering business. That the other spy would turn out to be actually shady. That, in his desire to protect his wife Shemar's character would miss out on a key piece of intelligence that she had the skills to catch. Or in her desire to prove she didn't need protecting, she'd put herself in unnecessary danger.

    Every opportunity for conflict gets wrapped up immediately with a warm fuzzy resolution (the sister magically learns to cook) and another shot of Shemar Moore's chest.

    No amount of hot black manflesh is enough to carry that much empty glossiness.

  4. So true. Those are all better ideas than what we're getting.


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